Within 15 minutes of being at the church, things started happening. My nephew had gone off with his group and my mom and I had stayed with my kids and their group. I was standing; ready to help with anything that was needed when I started to feel a strange discomfort in my lower right belly/inside leg area. I mentioned it to my mom right away. The doctor had said to watch for pain one one specific side as it would be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. This was a major concern with getting pregnant with the Mirena.

I pulled out a chair and sat down to attempt to relax and let the pain go away. The pain grew a little. I went to the bathroom and while I was up I was going to call my doctor’s office just in case. I forgot there’s no service downstairs so that didn’t work. I could barely walk back to my chair. I told my mom I was going to have to leave and I needed her to get the kids’ car seats. I was going to drive myself to Dave’s work just a few minutes away and have him take me from there.

Thankfully, a good friend of mine said she would follow us so that my mom could drive me and get back for the kids. The pastor and children’s church leader said they’d keep an extra eye on the kids since they had no idea we were leaving. I called Dave and told him to be ready to clock out and get me to the hospital. He got in the van and my mom rode back to the church to wait for the kids to be done.

The pain increased as we made the 10 minute drive to Akron General Hospital. Every little bump and turn was making it unbearable. The wheelchair ride to OB triage was rough, too. I could barely do anything I needed to, and my husband had to help get me into my gown and get situated on the bed. By then the pain was going into my back and my stomach.

I had quite a few nurses and doctors come in to my room. The main doctor checked around the areas that were painful. She pushed on my stomach and asked about that pain specifically. She left the room right after that. She came back with another doctor and they said there were going to do an internal ultrasound. I had never had one of those but they said it would show if there was a baby in my uterus or if it was in a fallopian tube, and therefore, ectopic. It was very difficult to watch and listen to them as they discussed what they were seeing on the ultrasound. At times it sounded good and at times it sounded bad.

It was bad.

They confirmed our biggest fear. It looked like an ectopic pregnancy and there was nothing in my uterus.

Everything happened so quickly from there.

*This is Part 3 of a 4 part series.

You can continue to Part 4 here: Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 4


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