Kids Eat FREE at IHOP in September

As we’re all still getting settled in to our new routines with another new school year, we all know that easy dinners are important for our busiest days. IHOP is helping make that a little easier on us all this month as they are feeding our kids for FREE! Dinner out at IHOP in September allows for some relaxing family time that is easy on your wallet.

The night before my kids went back to school, we took advantage of the free kid’s meals in the midst of our mad dash to get last minute supplies and get to the school to meet teachers.


My kids both ordered the and they couldn’t wait to dig in. My boy was especially excited about the many choices of syrup and yes, he tried most of them!

My parents joined us on our crazy day and the three of us tried out the new Criss-Croissants and we all loved them. It was not something I would normally try but I am glad I did.


These meals come with different side options which I loved. I love eggs and potatoes with my breakfasts but I’m not a fan of bacon or sausage. I liked that I was able to choose the sides that fit what I wanted.

Be sure to head over to your local IHOP to try out the Criss-Croissants and let your kids enjoy a tasty meal for free through Saturday 25th between 4pm and 10pm.

My Wonderful Distraction

Some of you have noticed that I’ve disappeared a bit through the month of August. If you’re not a Facebook follower, you may not have seen the picture I shared a couple weeks ago to give an idea of what’s taking up all of my time these days. It’s a wonderful distraction…

My baby boy arrived on the 4th! We spent a couple day in our delivery hospital, 12 hours at home, and then a day and a half in the NICU at Children’s Hospital before we came home for good! Baby Ethan turned 3 weeks old yesterday, which seems crazy to me. He’s ALREADY growing up too fast! He’s my last baby and I can already see him growing up and leaving me way too soon. He’s grown almost two inches and is about a pound over birth weight. Too soon…

Anyway… I’ve been away because I’ve been tending to my newborn son, who, right now, sleeps best and longest ON me. Just like his big brother. The bassinet and swing are just small helpers here and there. I’ve also been busy with my older kids. My girl started third grade and my older son… my baby for the past 5 1/2 years…  started Kindergarten. Let me just say it helped being ‘distracted’ with a newborn while sending him off to BIG KID school with his sister.

Big sister and brother love helping me out with baby any chance they get when they’re home. One of the perks to the larger age difference is that they can do and enjoy so much more with their baby brother.

Baby Ethan likes to be held a majority of the days and nights. While it can get frustrating when all I want to do is make a cup of coffee, or clean some part of the house… I’m cherishing every single moment to the best of my ability. I am NOT in any rush for him to not need me. With that being said, I’ll be a bit ‘distracted’ for a while as baby needs me. But I will be sharing reviews of some wonderful products and of course some great giveaways as time and energy allows.

Oh, and I can’t end this without a peak at my wonderful family. Enjoy!


Charley’s Philly Steaks at Chapel Hill Mall – Review & Giveaway

Charley’s Philly Steaks is a restaurant based right in Ohio. They opened up their first restaurant thirty years ago on the OSU campus. Now they have over 500 locations around the U.S. I’ve always loved Charley’s, but I love it a bit more now that I know it got it’s start in Ohio. Local based businesses are very important to me.

I’ve been enjoying Charley’s Philly Steaks for as long as I can remember at my local malls. I haven’t been to the mall in a while but I took my kids there recently. We were heading to Babies ‘R’ Us, to get a few things for baby, but first we stopped to have lunch with my sister’s family at Chapel Hill Mall in Cuyahoga Falls. There was no question – we were there for Charley’s.


Charley’s is known for their Philly Cheese Steaks, loaded gourmet fries, and refreshing lemonades. I’ve also ordered the last two items along with the Chicken California sandwich. This recent visit was no different.


Typically my kids enjoy any type of kids meal available where we dine out. For this visit, my son decided to be different and have the same meal as I did. My daughter stuck with one of her favorites – a chicken strips kids meal.

IMG_20160731_134151    IMG_20160731_134311


Charley’s introduced two new menu options for the summer – Nacho Deluxe Fries and Raspberry Signature Lemonade.

The Nacho Deluxe Fries come loaded with warm cheddar cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits, diced tomatoes, zesty Jalapeno Ranch dressing, jalapenos, and chives. Personally, my kids and I cannot handle anything spicy so we took my brother in law and nephew’s word that they were good while we enjoyed ours without the jalapenos.🙂

The three of us did enjoy each of the lemonades. The Raspberry Signature Lemonade is the other limited time menu option. I was excited to see that offered and enjoyed every drop. My kids each enjoyed the other flavors.


The staff at #MyCharleysAkron was wonderful, prices were reasonable, and the food was delicious. Charley’s at Chapel Hill Mall is definitely #MyCharleys and I’ll be taking my kids back there again soon.

When you’re out and about running errands, take time to stop by the food court at Chapel Hill Mall in Cuyahoga Falls and enjoy lunch or dinner at Charley’s Philly Steaks. If you’re there with your children and some time to just have fun, be sure to check out the toddler play zone and the carousel in the food court, and Ja’Lae’s Jungle Rides within the mall.


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Find out your Interior Design style!

I was excited to see this Interior Design quiz and see what it came up with for me. I’m FAR from a designer. I took a quiz and found my style!

Interior Design Style Results

My results said my style is Shabby Chic. 

Romantic and vintage-inspired styles are two things you appreciate. Decor in your home should have a quaint, cottage-esque feel with rosy tones throughout. Furniture and window coverings that look distressed, yet elegant, will make your home feel cozy and comfortable.

If you’d like to find out what your interior design style is, take the quiz! Feel free to comment with your results below.


Thirty-One Gifts – Review & Giveaway

Have you heard of Thirty-One Gifts? I’ve known about this company for years, but I’ve recently learned a lot more and I love this company! The first thing I recently learned was that this is an OHIO based business! I’m shocked that I never knew Thirty-One Gifts was based out of Columbus, Ohio. It’s actually one of the largest woman-owned businesses in central Ohio.

Thirty-One is a direct sales company that offers products including purses, wallets, bags, totes, jewelry, organizational products and much more! There are about 77,000 sales consultants spread throughout the U.S. and Canada. Thirty-One is known for even more than just their products.

Thirty-One is all about empowering women and girls and strengthening families. They have been recognized as one of the most giving organizations. They have donated more than $85 million in cash and products over the last three years to nonprofits that share their mission. How awesome is that? Not only are many mom’s making a difference for their families as a sales consultant, but they are also contributing to much more.

During the recent conference in Columbus, the consultants and their families were involved in giving back to the local community during their time in the city. They were encouraged to leave encouraging messages, 31% tips, donations to local charities and more. I love hearing about companies giving back to their local communities.

I LOVE Thirty-One. I have always loved their products, yet I have never had a chance to actually check out any myself. I finally received my own Thirty-One Duffle this week and it came at the absolute perfect time! My baby is due in just 6 days and, well, I’ve put off packing my hospital bag way too long. Part of that, was due to not really knowing what I was going to pack my things in. I’ve been wanting to get myself a nice overnight bag so this opportunity to share Thirty-One came up at the perfect moment.

THIS is my hospital bag and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.


This is the All Packed Duffle in the Dotty Chevron style. It comes with a removable shoulder strap, a nice front pocket, and a special mesh compartment on the side.

Today I get to share with you Thirty-One’s various All Packed Duffles from their spring/summer and fall catalog. Along with the Dotty Chevron, the spring/summer catalog includes the Navy Perfect Pendant and Black duffles.

All Packed Duffle - Navy Perfect Pendant All Packed Duffle - Black

 The fall catalog is introduces the Duffles in blue, charcoal, and pink.

Blue, Charcoal, and Pink Crosshatch

These duffles are great for taking to the gym and overnight getaways. As with many Thirty-One products, these duffles are available to be personalized.

Thirty-One’s Duffles are available for $80. Remember your purchase is helping empower women as the company gives back but also as it helps a consultant earn a little extra for her family.

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What is a Subchorionic Hematoma or Bleed

If you are currently pregnant and researching this pregnancy complication, I hope and pray that you have a good outcome. I also welcome you to read my story here:
I Had a Subchorionic Hematoma.

When I was diagnosed, the ER doctor explained this to me as holes in my placenta that were bleeding. These were the cause of my vaginal bleeding that landed me in the ER in the first place. I was told that a subchorionic hematoma is the biggest cause of first trimester bleeding, that it was very normal, and the outcome could go either way. I was not given any information outside of that. So the next days and months I went to the internet to find out what I was dealing with.

I found this explanation on

Subchorionic bleeding is the accumulation of blood within the folds of the chorion (the outer fetal membrane, next to the placenta) or between the uterus and the placenta itself.

Many hematomas are discovered when vaginal bleeding is looked in to. That is exactly how mine was diagnosed during my visit to the ER. The hematomas can cause bleeding to go on for weeks, even months, while some women never even experience the bleeding.

In many cases, the hematomas will eventually dissolve on their own and the pregnancy will continue on normally. However, if you are experiencing this, you do need to be aware and prepared with the knowledge that there is a risk of miscarriage and even preterm labor. Some women will be told their hematoma has dissolved and then it reappears during the pregnancy or comes out during birth.

This is a common complication in pregnancy, however treatment is not standard and every doctor goes about them differently. Some may recommend moderate to intense bed rest and pelvic rest, while others will give the go ahead to continue your normal activities.

YOU need to be aware of how your body is handling the hematoma. If you bleed more when you’re active, take a step back as much as you can and ask for help when it’s needed. Rest when you can and continue to drink your water.


Giraffe Razor Extension Handle – Review

I thought having a summer baby would be fun! I have a spring and winter baby, it’d be perfect!

I didn’t think of the fact that a SUMMER baby would mean I’d be VERY pregnant in… SUMMER! ha! I love summer, I love getting some sun, but I’m miserable when I’m super hot and when my asthma flares up. Add in the pregnancy and the need to have shaven legs that are seen when wearing shorts and dresses… and well, it makes for an interesting summer.

I have to say, I’ve done well this summer. I was all about not letting my kids’ typical summer activities be completely ‘ruined’ because of baby brother interfering before he’s even born. So, many of our summer days have been spent at the WildWater Kingdom waterpark, the beach, and swimming pools. Despite the fact that I am currently due with my baby in just 8 days, I’m still shaving, daily even.

prego legs

Take a look at that picture up there! That’s me with my nice smooth legs hanging at the water park just a week ago. And of course that’s my giant baby belly that makes it quite hard to get to my legs. So, you want to know my secret to keeping smooth legs this summer?


Giraffe razor

The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle that is.

I was so excited to hear about this wonderful product! I will say that it took me a a few tries to get used to it. I was a bit nervous at first that I would end up slicing my legs as I got used to the extended reach. ha But I got the hang of it and it sure has helped me get through this summer pregnancy! When I first contemplated how I was going to get through the summer without super hairy legs, I asked some other prego mama’s what they do. Many said that their significant other would step up to the task when it became necessary. Personally, I was not about to ask for help with something like that! It’s a good thing I didn’t plan on that anyway since I later entered the single mama life. I’m so happy that I already had the giraffe ready and waiting to help me get through with nice, smooth legs.

The Giraffe is a wonderful product for my fellow pregnant mama’s, but also for anyone else who has difficulty when it comes to shaving whether it’s due to an injury or illness.

Giraffe razor in useThe Giraffe’s Features:

  • Adds 15-20 inches in Length to a Razor Handle – Eliminates Bending at the Waist
  • No Slip Grip with Rubberized Finish – Perfect for Anyone who has Arthritis
  • Quick Connect and Release Buttons – Ease of Use
  • Pivoting Head Rotates to a 30°, 45° or  90° angle – Maximizes Flexibility
  • Two Universal Razor Attachments, Small, and Large
  • Accommodates the Most Popular Men’s and Women’s Premium Disposable and Reusable Razors on the Market Today
  • Wrist Lanyard – Conveniently Wear around your Wrist for Easy Retrieval

The Giraffe’s Benefits Include:

  • Safety – Decreases the Risk of Falling
  • Comfort – Minimizes Lower Back Strain
  • Privacy, Independence and Time Management
  • Broadens Options for Wearing Comfortable Clothing
  • Positive Self-Image
  • Improve Quality of Life

You can purchase your own Giraffe for $29.99 on


*I received free product in exchange for this post.

*This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through my link, helps my family. :)

Parents – You NEED a landline!


Landline phones… you know what those are, right? The phones that you DON’T take everywhere with you? I hate to think that there are parents out there who didn’t grow up with a landline and think of that as ancient history. I went without a landline as an adult for approximately 8 years or so and I’m VERY happy to have one now for my own family. I don’t really use it, but it’s a necessity and I’m going to tell you why it should be a necessity for your household too.

Since becoming a parent, I’ve feared the possible emergency situations where my child would be left in the position to call 911 to get help. My cell phone is usually always around me, if not in my pocket. As my kids reach the age to learn 911, I reiterate over and over that if something were to happen to me, to look in my pocket for my phone or on a nearby table, etc. depending where I am if an emergency takes place. I can’t count how many times I’ve worried that I’d just collapse for some reason or another and my children wouldn’t be able to find my phone to call for help.

Growing up, it seemed like there was always something going on in my family – an injury or sudden health concern leading to one of us needing to call 911. This happened way too often. Fortunately for my children, they have not yet had an emergency situation where they needed to call for help. So far so good, but I’m not taking any chances. A few months ago we added a landline to our home. We really do not use it. It’s simply there for emergency situations. I stress less about possible future emergencies, knowing that the landline phone has a place in our home that the kids are aware of and can access easily. I have many reasons for adding a landline for my family’s safety, but they may not convince every parent that they need a landline in the home.

I recently partnered with Ooma, a leading Internet home phone service with reliable E911 technology. A shocking fact I learned from them, could be the deciding factor for YOU on whether or not to add a landline to your home.

In a ‘good’ emergency situation, the person calling 911 will know the address and the 911 operator will know just where to send help. But, did you know that in some areas only 10% of calls from cell phones are routed to the right 911 office and are easily traceable? That is a shocking percentage and very scary to me as a mom.

My landline is definitely here to stay!

Here are some additional tips from Ooma to keep your family safe:


Whether it’s for a small scrape or something far worse, it’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit handy.  People who call 911 from their cell phone are often surprised at how long emergency workers take to arrive on scene.  According to the recent 911 Emergency Response Study, more than one in five cell phone callers feel it takes too long—that’s seven times higher than for people who call from a landline.  If you’re often in situations when only a cell phone is available, consider keeping a first aid kit nearby.  


Make sure that no matter where you are, it’s easy for the people around you to call your emergency contacts. Consider posting your own number, as well as first response numbers, on your fridge so your kids know how to reach you and your family, family members who live close by, or the authorities.  Post the name and number of a trusted friend or neighbor, too.  With Ooma’s home phone system, up to three of these contacts can be notified by text message automatically when a 911 call is placed.  In situations when every second counts, this reliable Internet-based technology could save tens of thousands of lives. 


Educate your kids about the sights, smells, and sounds of danger.  If they hear a smoke alarm or see an appliance overheating, advise your children to get outside as quickly as possible.  Planning an exit strategy is key to getting a safe distance away from the house so you can alert a neighbor and have them call the fire department.  Consider making a detailed fire plan with multiple escape routes and keeping a printed copy of your fire plan on visible walls around your house.

You can learn more about Ooma’s services at or connect with them via Facebook or Twitter.

Got any 911 emergency stories of your own? If you’ve got a story you’d feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear about them!  


Most Dangerous Professions and their Income Levels

Loggers, Pilots, Garbage Collectors, Construction Supervisors, and Fishermen…

Those are some of the most dangerous professions. Some definitely surprise me while others are completely expected to make a list like this one.

Between the years of 2000 and 2014, the number of fatal work injuries decreased by almost 2,000. Sounds good, right?

The total in 2014? Almost 5,000.

Almost 5,000 people died while working. That is NOT good.

Some of the deaths come from expected dangers of the listed professions which is sadly a risk many employees have to take. Others come from ‘minor’ accidents, some of which are not expected. The top two causes of work place deaths are transportation accidents and falls. I was shocked to learn that the most fatal falls were those under 10 feet, rather than those that were over 30 feet!

Can it get worse? Yes. Many of these professions are NOT even high paying jobs. People are risking their lives for some lower paying jobs.

If you’re curious to see more of the details on the workplace deaths and their causes, check out this article:


You can also see a chart that compares work-place deaths by state. I was happy to see Ohio on the lower end of that.

Ditch the Soda, Gain a Brighter Smile

I’m writing today to share with you all some tips to gain a brighter smile as a result of ditching your soda drinking habits. But first, I have to be ME. I’m an Ohioan and it’s POP, not soda. I’m sorry if you prefer ‘soda’, I just cannot make myself say that. Please just overlook this possible ‘downfall’ of mine. HA!

I’m 32 years old and I’ve been drinking pop for so many years. I can remember the days that I couldn’t finish a full can myself as a child, and now I could down WAY too many to count. Mountain Dew is what got me through college. No doubt on that one. I even had an injured laptop to show for that – allnighters + Mt Dew + typing papers = sticky keys that may not be fixed.

Through the years I’ve gone through spurts where I’d cut down on my pop drinking habits, but I’d always end up back at it. In the last couple of years, I started to rethink my habits and try to turn it in to a reward at times to help cut down, but to also encourage myself to drink more water. In this same time frame, I became a coffee drinker and I cut out pop completely for quite some time.

The past months I’ve been limited on my caffeine intake during this pregnancy so I admit there are many times I skip the coffee and go to pop because I can drink more before I reach my caffeine limit. I do try my best to limit my overall intake so that it is more of a treat. I never thought about the impact possible to my teeth from switching from pop to coffee. I was shocked to see that in an article I’ll be sharing with you.

In my efforts, I have noticed a difference in my teeth so I’ve seen the proof that cutting down on pop intake can help gain a brighter smile. I am continuing the best I can to make changes like this to help get my brighter smile back.

You can find some tips and trick that can help YOU gain a beautiful, bright smile once again and kick the pop (or soda) habit. Just check out this article with tips from ten different nutritionists and dieticians: