Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 6

I was immediately prepped for surgery.

I had lots of forms to sign, an IV was put in, I talked to the anesthesiologist.

I talked to Dave.

I admit that I was at my absolute lowest at that point. I was devastated that my baby had to be surgically removed from my body. I was scared to death of going in to surgery. I didn’t even get to tell my kids bye when I left the church. What if something were to go wrong? I don’t know if it still exists, but I did make a short video talking to my kids before I went in to surgery. That helped a bit.

I was wheeled in to the OR next to the operating table. It was the hardest thing ever to get up out of the chair and get myself up on to the table, even with the help of nurses. I remember one guy at my head putting the mask over my mouth and nose to put me to sleep. Others on either side of me put my arms out to the sides of me. And that was it. I prayed until the anesthesia knocked me out.

I woke up in recovery, and I think I was the only one in there. It was past midnight so it was to be expected. I was immediately nauseous and was given some medicine for that. I went back to sleep. I think I did that for a couple of hours at least. I’d wake up, feel sick, take some meds, and go back to sleep. I don’t completely remember the time frame, but I went in to surgery before midnight and the friends who came to wait with Dave left at 3am and I was still in recovery. Once I was awake a little more, Dave came in and the nurse gave me some cookies and ginger ale.

I found out the details of the surgery. I had three incisions from the laparoscopy. My baby was in the right fallopian tube and it had started to rupture so they had to remove the tube as well. I had started bleeding again during the ultrasound earlier. It was another monitor and deal with it situation.

They nurse reassured me that if I wanted, I would still be able to have more children in the future.

I thought they had said beforehand that I’d be staying for part of the day. Now they said I was being released to go home. I was not happy about that. I was worried about how I would handle going home so soon.

I believe we got home around 5 or 6 am. Dave helped me get into some comfortable clothes and got me on to the couch.  At some point that day, Thursday, the friends who had stayed with Dave came over to help out. Our kids came home that evening. All they knew at that point was that I had gone to the hospital. Dave had to tell them the news. We had decided the best thing would be to simply tell them that the baby had to go to Heaven with Jesus and was no longer in my belly. Our girl was very sad right away and our boy buried his head in daddy as he reacted to not having his little brother or sister anymore. I showed them my three incisions so that they would understand that my belly would be sore and to be extra careful with it. Thankfully, our friends had their daughter with them who helped distract and entertain them after receiving the news.

Our friends stayed and helped Dave get the kids to bed. Poor guy was doing everything because I was the one in physical pain. It was very nice to see him have some help and moral support.

I was still feeling very sick and took a nighttime nausea pill that I was prescribed. It did not go well. It made me sick instantly and that’s not a normal thing for me. Our wonderful friends stopped and said they would just spend the night and sleep wherever they had to so they would be here to help through the night too. (Yes, we’re incredibly blessed to have this family in our lives!) At about 3am I took my last pain pill and from then on, the pain had eased enough that I didn’t have to take it.

I spent about four days on the couch, 24/7. After a couple days, I was able to go up to the bathroom on my own. Slowly, but it was on my own. By the last day I was so proud of walking to the kitchen, making myself a piece of toast and a cup of tea all on my own. I showered on day 4, and was in pain afterwards. It took a couple more days until I was able to do that comfortably.

Here I am now, ABOUT THREE WEEKS post-op, and I’ve finally had some normal days. Last week I had three straight days of no pain. It was wonderful. I’m still experiencing some pain at the incision sites and occasional upset stomach. Some days I feel normal and dress normal. Other days I’m in the most comfortable pants I own because of the pain. I am back to my daily babysitting, having a yard full of kids from the neighborhood on nice days, and I’m getting through the daily laundry, dishes, my daughter’s school work, etc. It’s still going to be a while until the pain is totally gone and I’m totally 100% again. It’s going to be even longer before I’m through the loss of my baby. At least I know he or she has a sibling in Heaven as well as grandparents. That has also been a comforting fact for our children, and they say he/she is watching over us.

Despite the fear and concern of this happening again, I do have hope that we will have another baby someday soon. We may have questioned if we wanted more which is what led to getting the Mirena in the first place, but we now know that we absolutely want another little one in our family.  In the meantime, I still have my wonderful son and daughter and my incredible husband and I’m extremely grateful for them. Through this all, we’ve been reminded of the love and support from our families and we’ve seen so much love and support from many friends as well.

*This is Part 6 of a 6 part series.

Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 5

Within 15 minutes of being at the church, things started happening. My nephew had gone off with his group and my mom and I had stayed with my kids and their group. I was standing; ready to help with anything that was needed when I started to feel a strange discomfort in my lower right belly/inside leg area. I mentioned it to my mom right away. The doctor had said to watch for pain one one specific side as it would be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. This was a major concern with getting pregnant with the Mirena.

I pulled out a chair and sat down to attempt to relax and let the pain go away. The pain grew a little. I went to the bathroom and while I was up I was going to call my doctor’s office just in case. I forgot there’s no service downstairs so that didn’t work. I could barely walk back to my chair. I told my mom I was going to have to leave and I needed her to get the kids’ car seats. I was going to drive myself to Dave’s work just a few minutes away and have him take me from there.

Thankfully, a good friend of mine said she would follow us so that my mom could drive me and get back for the kids. The pastor and children’s church leader said they’d keep an extra eye on the kids since they had no idea we were leaving. I called Dave and told him to be ready to clock out and get me to the hospital. He got in the van and my mom rode back to the church to wait for the kids to be done.

The pain increased as we made the 10 minute drive to Akron General Hospital. Every little bump and turn was making it unbearable. The wheelchair ride to OB triage was rough, too. I could barely do anything I needed to, and my husband had to help get me into my gown and get situated on the bed. By then the pain was going into my back and my stomach.

I had quite a few nurses and doctors come in to my room. The main doctor checked around the areas that were painful. She pushed on my stomach and asked about that pain specifically. She left the room right after that. She came back with another doctor and they said there were going to do an internal ultrasound. I had never had one of those but they said it would show if there was a baby in my uterus or if it was in a fallopian tube, and therefore, ectopic. It was very difficult to watch and listen to them as they discussed what they were seeing on the ultrasound. At times it sounded good and at times it sounded bad.

It was bad.

They confirmed our biggest fear. It looked like an ectopic pregnancy and there was nothing in my uterus.

Everything happened so quickly from there.

*This is Part 5 of a 6 part series.

Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 4

Monday night I noticed the bleeding stop. I woke up the next day and was scared to check but it was still gone. I hoped and prayed all morning that it was gone for good and this was the necessary progress to help me and my baby be alright. Unfortunately, it came back.

On Tuesday, Dave went to work. Our friends came over to help me with the kids through the day. I wasn’t babysitting because of everything going on, but with Spring Break I had both my kiddos home all day. I felt decently good that day. But, I made myself stay in the recliner as much as possible. I had a hard time having someone else doing things for me such as making my sandwich for lunch. However, I know I would not have made it all day on my own without some pain.

Through the night the bleeding stopped again. As before, I hoped and prayed over and over that it was gone for good so that the baby could survive and be healthy.

I had another blood test on Wednesday, April 1st. This time I went to the lab only for the blood draw and did not see a doctor or nurse. Dave had been missing so much work, he had to go right in so I dropped him off and the kids and I went to stay with my mom for the day. I was not going to be alone when the results call came in, in case it was bad.

We got the call and my level had gone up to 1902!! This meant that I was finally to the point that I could get an ultrasound and check on the baby! The soonest I could be seen was going to be the following Tuesday because my office wanted me to go to a high risk doctor for this. In the meantime, we’d have another blood test on Friday and I was continuing with resting as much as I could because of intermittent pain. Dave was scheduled for an outpatient procedure for Friday but he called to reschedule that. He did not want the stress of anesthesia and waiting on another results call. I admit I was upset because I wanted his health concerns to be taken care of it, but I understood. Later it proved to be necessary so I was glad he did this in the end.

That afternoon my kids got to play with one of their cousins who was also on spring break. They played outside and we even did a midday bonfire and my mom roasted marshmallows for them. I was feeling pretty good so I decided I was up for taking the kids out that evening for our church’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. I had even gone out to the grocery store earlier in the day, alone, which was an amazing feeling. I felt normal! I was so happy about the evenings plans and to be able to do something Easter related as our usual plans had been canceled due to Dave’s procedure originally scheduled for Good Friday.

My mom decided to go to the church too and took my nephew along since I didn’t have room for him to ride with us.

Well, that ended up being a very good thing.

*This is Part 4 of a 6 part series.

Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 3

Monday morning we went to my appointment. I had to go to another office since the one I had been going to was moving to another building that day.

The day was aggravating from as soon as we tried to park. We had problems getting a ticket for the parking garage, I had to wait 25 minutes as the first appointment of the day, my doctor was negative the entire time, and I didn’t have what I needed right away for the lab since I wasn’t told that the new office operated differently. It was all so frustrating to have to deal with on top of the already stressful time we were going through.

I’ll get back to the part about the doctor being negative.

Over the weekend when emotions calmed down we realized that even though my hCG level did not increase by much at all, IT WAS STILL AN INCREASE! It meant that something was happening inside of me that could be good for us all! As Dave was saying the whole time, we hoped for the best and prepared for the worst of the situation.

My doctor was not a bit hopeful or encouraging during that visit on Monday. The only thing she could do was talk about the process of watching my levels go way down and then scheduling a D&C. She was all negative the entire time and I just wanted to get up and walk out of that appointment. It was worthless.

Later, we got the results of that day’s blood test. My hCG was 1357! YES! Things were really looking up now! It was still not doubling, but it was back to the minimum increase.

After getting the results, we went to my parent’s house. I was going to stay there with the kids while Dave went in to work so that I wouldn’t be alone and I’d have my parents’ help.

Up to this point, only our immediate family knew what was going on, as we told them as soon as everything started. We were continuously posting on Facebook asking for prayers from all of our friends and family. We are very thankful for the response we had throughout the days and weeks despite everyone not knowing what was going on. We didn’t want to share what we were going through until things were a little less up and down. We had considered making it public so everyone would know what they were and would be continuing to pray about. We were going to on Friday until we got that low number. Some close friends started to worry something serious was happening with our two children. Once that was brought to our attention, we chose a select few of those close to us to let in on what was happening.

Now back to that Monday, with the good increase…

We decided that since things were looking up, we’d go ahead and share publicly what our family was dealing with. We made a public post to those who were following all the prayer requests on Facebook. Then we went to my parent’s house again. On the way there we debated on whether or not to tell our kids about the baby. I hated that they were going to be the last ones to know about their own sibling but we were holding back for good reasons. We decided not to say anything yet because we were still not out of the woods.

When we got there, we discovered that they overheard a phone call and thought it was silly that someone said I was pregnant. Well, we HAD to tell them at that point! So, we told our 6 and 4 year old that I was pregnant. They were instantly excited and couldn’t wait to meet the baby!

Through everything up to this point, I tried to not let myself imagine everything with the baby in our lives because I knew that could make things much harder if things didn’t continue the way we hoped. But, I already had a newborn in my arms at Christmas and I thought about the mornings I’d have about two hours just me and baby. Now that the kids knew, that’s all they talked about. Grace talked about sharing her bed with the baby and Darren talked about helping change diapers and they were both excited to have another sibling to play with! It broke my heart quite a bit to hear all of their plans while I knew something could still go wrong.

I said YES to the dress!

As many plus size women know, shopping can be a challenge. Finding the right outfit for any occasion can be difficult when you are left with a very limited selection to work with, so imagine my terror when it came time to try on wedding dresses! These issues have very little to do with us not feeling comfortable in our own skin like many people want to assume, and a lot to do with the total lack of style in the plus size section of the few stores that do actually carry our size. Do not get me started on how much it costs to shop at a “specialty” store.

Walking in to David’s Bridal with my good friend, daughter, and best friend I was excited. I had never tried on wedding dresses before or even really pictured myself wearing one. To be completely honest my intention when going in there was to try on a few different styles to be sure I picked the right cut to have custom made for me. I was going through an amazing woman by the name of Laurie from Lorili Design to have my dream dress custom made when I ended up finding “the dress”. I can honestly say that just like a good portion of shopping experiences I have as a full figured woman I was ready to walk out with nothing when the store manager and sales woman convinced me to try on just 2 more dresses. They were both convinced that these 2 styles would be flattering on me and I would really like them. The manager helped to convince me to try some cuts that I would not have considered for my body while the sales woman listened to me and found the simple style I was looking for. You know when they tell you that when you find the dress you just know? Well, it’s the truth!

Once I put this dress on and looked in the mirror I didn’t want to take it off! They helped me to find exactly what I wanted in a dress, a sash that perfectly matches my wedding, and my shoes. I also purchased a full zip garment bag paying a grand total of $524. Since they made sure to find me the perfect shoes bringing my dress to the exact length it needs to be I have absolutely no alterations that need done to the dress. So, if you are a bride wanting a more traditional route of picking out a dress from a shop like I did, I encourage you to check out David’s Bridal in Fairlawn. If you are looking for a custom design or fairly priced alterations I would encourage you to contact Laurie from Lorili Design at 330-844-8198.

Thank you for following as I plan my wedding! I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 2

I went straight to OB triage and told them I was pregnant with an IUD and that I was spotting. They took a blood test and checked my hCG level. (hCG is the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin)

The level was low. The way they were estimating my pregnancy, I could have been about 6 weeks pregnant, but my hCG was entirely too low. My hCG was 458. (It was determined later that I was probably 1-2 weeks along instead.)

I was told to make an appointment to see my OB on Wednesday. They would have to check my level again. An hCG is supposed to double every two days in a healthy pregnancy.

Monday morning I made the call to Paragon. I was very disappointed to find out they had just changed which Hospital they were affiliated with and I could no longer see them with my insurance. I don’t personally care for the other hospital anyway, but I was very disappointed to not have Paragon anymore since I went to them with both pregnancies and had great experiences there. Fortunately, they recommended another office where some of their own doctors were going to be moving to. So I made an appointment for Wednesday.

We went in and told the nurse and the new doctor everything that had been going on. They did another blood test and said they would call with the results. 756. It did not double, but it went up the bare minimum that they needed it to. There was hope!

At the appointment the Mirena (my IUD) was discussed but nothing was planned for removal yet. I was shocked that no one had been making a big deal about it yet. Later that day the doctor called and said she discussed my situation with a superior and was told to get the Mirena out right away. We scheduled for the next morning. I went in, had it removed quite easily. It was a stressful moment as I knew the little arms could injure the baby on the way out. There was nothing obvious on it but it was sent to be tested just in case.

That day the bleeding increased. It was no longer a light pink spotting. It was now red and heavy. It was expected that I’d have more bleeding after the Mirena was removed. There was no range of how long it would last so it was just something to watch and deal with. I had some cramping as well but it was gone within a few hours or so.

The next day, Friday, March 27th, I went back in for another blood test. When we left, we tried to do some quick shopping. We were in the middle of WalMart when the call came in. My hCG was 876. It only increased by 120. I bawled in the middle of the shoe aisle at WalMart while Dave took my phone and continued talking to the doctor. It was all over. It wasn’t going to last. We scheduled one more blood test for the following Monday. This would be the longest weekend of my life. I had already been sleeping as much as possible because my dreams were the only place I wasn’t haunted with real life. I planned to do as much of that as possible over the weekend too, but we did have some plans we weren’t canceling.

The kids went to my parent’s house for the weekend, as we had planned a month before. It was the start of Grace’s spring break and going to my parent’s house was the best start. Saturday morning we traveled to Youngstown for our friends’ vow renewal. That night we went out to Massillon where Dave performed along with a couple other solo acts we knew. It was nice to get out and it wasn’t that hard on me physically, with the exception of a few moments of overdoing it. On Sunday Dave did a lot of household work – laundry, dishes, general cleaning – on top of waiting on me as I took the day to rest on the couch and do nothing but nap and watch TV.

*This is Part 2 of a 6 part series. One part will be posted each day.

You can read Part 1 Here: Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 1E

Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 1

Today, I just want to curl up on the couch and sleep and watch TV. Instead, I’m sitting here at my computer writing the most personal blog post ever. My hope is that this educates others and possibly helps someone who may be searching for answers and what to expect if they’re in a similar situation.

In mid-March I turned 31. I had a nice day with my family and my hubby surprised me with guests over the weekend. I had a great time with friends and family despite an annoying sinus infection that just wasn’t letting up after three weeks.

Earlier in the week I started to suspect that something wasn’t right.

I checked the calendar. I should have had my monthly cycle by now.

Dave and I talked about everything and what it could mean. The day of my surprise party, Dave went out and bought a home pregnancy test and I used it Sunday morning (March 22, 2015). We were a little unsure of the result but sort of leaned toward it being positive. We talked about making an appointment with my midwives to confirm everything.

Within an hour, I decided that I needed to just be seen right away. I had wanted to be checked out for my infection but had put it off due to busyness and Dave’s own worse health concerns at the time. Now, there was no more waiting. After all, our boy also made himself known during a month long sinus infection!

Also, the major thing – I was starting year four of my IUD. This wasn’t supposed to be happening and it could be bad for the baby if I was in fact pregnant.

Dave dropped me off at Urgent Care and went on a drive with the kids.

I told the nurse that I needed to be seen about my lingering sinus infection and the possibility of being pregnant.

The test came back positive. I was in shock. I was very excited about another little one growing inside of me and joining our family at the end of the year. I thought about the timing. Great, it’s going to be another winter baby just before the holidays like its big brother. Grace would be in second grade and Darren would be in half day preschool. That’ll make things easy…

But wait, I still had an IUD.

The nurse and doctor acted like it was no big deal. “Make sure you get in to see your OB soon.” That’s all they had to say. So I was going to call Paragon the next morning, on Monday.

Sunday night my four year old woke me up at 1am because he had a bad dream. I got him settled and went to the bathroom. There was blood. Light and pink, just enough to know it was there.

I woke Dave up as gently as I could and told him I needed to go to the ER. Thankfully my mom was at the house within an hour to stay with the kids.

*This is Part 1 of a 6 part series. One part will be posted each day.

You can continue to Part 2 here: Our Ectopic Pregnancy – Part 2

Meet Tia

As the newest writer for the Boy Meets Girl blog, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

Meet Tia, Bill, & Sondra
Meet Tia, Bill, & Sondra

My name is Tia and I am a stay at home mom with a small home based cake and candy business. I have a gifted daughter who does home schooling through a virtual academy so my job as a stay at home mom is definitely full time! Outside of my own business and homeschooling my daughter, I also work for Keepin’ It Radio as a co-host and DJ’s assistant. Keepin’ It Radio is the growing internet radio station owned and operated by David and Michelle Rouzzo. I am also the troop co-leader of my daughters Girl Scout troop, and now write for the Boy Meets Girl Blog.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you through my adventures in blogging!

Because of You Confections & Creations

Because of You logo - white

Because of You Confections & Creations is my personal home based business that I wanted to share with all of you! I am located in Barberton and I would love to make you a tasty treat or some jewelry sometime!

Why Because of You?

My husband has always been supportive and helpful when I want to try something. I’ve watched his drive and motivation with our business that he started as a hobby (Keepin’ it Radio). In the Spring of 2014, I was trying to think of a way to bring in a little income on the side while being at home with my boy. In the back of my mind I always thought that maybe one day I’d venture in to a home bakery of sorts. At that time I decided to mention it to Dave and see what he said. He was all for it and very supportive as usual! I decided to start with selling homemade fudge, which I had started making because of Dave. One day I posted on Facebook, trying to get help with a name for this new venture of mine. Long story short, I mentioned that it was because of Dave that I even had the guts to try something like this. Next thing I knew, Because of You Confections was created! Because of my wonderful hubby, Dave!


My confections include: specialty fudge, white/milk chocolate buckeyes, potato candy, chocolate covered pretzels, shaped chocolate candies, breads, cookies, and more!

Chocolate Covered pretzels

fudge sampler



Right now, the creations side of Because of You is focused on jewelry made with chunky beads for both children and adults. I take custom orders and prices usually range from $12 (children) to $16 (adult).


Want to see all the products I offer? Want to place an order? Connect with me via Facebook here: Because of You Confections & Creations

American Serenade invites you to experience beverages differently





American Serenade is one of the newest Direct Sales companies that just started a couple of years ago and I am very excited to be part of it. I have never been as interested in a DS company as I am now!

American Serenade is a wonderful Northeast Ohio business that supports other small American Businesses that supply their products. American Serenade specializes in three main beverages of which many people consume on a regular basis. They also have lovely, hand crafted dinnerware.

Coffee- Hand roasted in small batches, non flavored coffees are 100% Organic & Fair Trade

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Wine- American produced

Dinnerware- Hand made exclusively for American Serenade right here in the U.S.!

Things I love about American Serenade:

  • Faith based
  • Grace Time – all about spending time with those you love
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  • Small American business that supports other small American businesses
  • Concierge beverage service

If you’d like to give some of the American Serenade products a try, visit http://www.AmericanSerenade.com. Please consider choosing me, Michelle Rouzzo as your consultant for any purchases you make.

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