As many plus size women know, shopping can be a challenge. Finding the right outfit for any occasion can be difficult when you are left with a very limited selection to work with, so imagine my terror when it came time to try on wedding dresses! These issues have very little to do with us not feeling comfortable in our own skin like many people want to assume, and a lot to do with the total lack of style in the plus size section of the few stores that do actually carry our size. Do not get me started on how much it costs to shop at a “specialty” store.

Walking in to David’s Bridal with my good friend, daughter, and best friend I was excited. I had never tried on wedding dresses before or even really pictured myself wearing one. To be completely honest my intention when going in there was to try on a few different styles to be sure I picked the right cut to have custom made for me. I was going through an amazing woman by the name of Laurie from Lorili Design to have my dream dress custom made when I ended up finding “the dress”. I can honestly say that just like a good portion of shopping experiences I have as a full figured woman I was ready to walk out with nothing when the store manager and sales woman convinced me to try on just 2 more dresses. They were both convinced that these 2 styles would be flattering on me and I would really like them. The manager helped to convince me to try some cuts that I would not have considered for my body while the sales woman listened to me and found the simple style I was looking for. You know when they tell you that when you find the dress you just know? Well, it’s the truth!

Once I put this dress on and looked in the mirror I didn’t want to take it off! They helped me to find exactly what I wanted in a dress, a sash that perfectly matches my wedding, and my shoes. I also purchased a full zip garment bag paying a grand total of $524. Since they made sure to find me the perfect shoes bringing my dress to the exact length it needs to be I have absolutely no alterations that need done to the dress. So, if you are a bride wanting a more traditional route of picking out a dress from a shop like I did, I encourage you to check out David’s Bridal in Fairlawn. If you are looking for a custom design or fairly priced alterations I would encourage you to contact Laurie from Lorili Design at 330-844-8198.

Thank you for following as I plan my wedding! I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.


One thought on “I said YES to the dress!

  1. Congratulations on finding the dress for you. But overall the wedding isn’t about the dress and when you walk down the aisle, your husband will be too focused on you yourself to really even notice the dress. I know I was when I married my wife almost 7 years ago. Enjoy your wedding day and I hope you have many wonderful years to come with your new husband.


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