In early December 2015, I took a home pregnancy test and confirmed I was expecting. Many of you know we had an ectopic last year so this positive test was both exciting and stressful. We were scared because of the chances of a reocurring ectopic and excited that we conceived easily despite me having a tube removed. I was thrilled to receive an early ultrasound this time around to confirm baby was in the right place. I was almost 6 weeks at this time.

Normally, we’d tell the world, but with everything we’d been through, our kids especially, we decided to keep quiet until we felt comfortable. We were planning a visit to my in-laws over the holidays and we decided to take the ultrasound picture with us just in case we decided to go ahead and let them know. We don’t see them often so we thought we might go ahead since an in person announcement would be possible.

Unfortunately, we were one hour from their house and stopped for what I tried to tell my husband would be our last bathroom break. (Cross country road trips + pregnancy = many bathroom breaks) At this stop I found that I had been bleeding. I freaked out and ran back to my husband, crying, telling him I was having a miscarriage. Thankfully the kids were sleeping good because despite me thinking I was holding in some of my emotions, I definitely was not. My poor in laws had to find out our news via a phone call and my family got the unexpected update via our group Facebook message we used to keep in touch during our travel time.

I was dropped off at a local hospital and my kids were taken to my in laws. Let me just say, I’m extra grateful for MY hospital because I realized not all are alike. A different hospital in a different state was not good for me.

After some tests and an ultrasound, the first bit of news was that my HCG level was VERY high. That was reassuring. Then the doctor went on to tell me I had several subchorionic bleeds on my placenta. I was told that these are very common and the reason for about 1 out of 4 cases of early pregnancy bleeding. That was reassuring, but they couldn’t guarantee that things weren’t going to go badly. I was put on strict lifting and pelvic limitations and told to follow up with my regular doctor when I got home. Thankfully it was easy to limit what I did since we were on vacation for the holidays. But it was NOT easy to get through those weeks.

Once we were back home and settled back in to our regular routines, I struggled. The kids did not know anything about baby and only knew that mommy had a boo boo in her belly. It was rough having to limit what I could do for and with my children. There was always so much that I wanted to do, projects around the house that I NEEDED to get to. If I had a particularly good day, I’d push myself a little to get more done, but the second I’d feel uneasy, I’d be back on the couch drinking water while hoping and praying that my little one was okay.

While I was still out of state for the holiday’s, I joined a support group on Facebook. I had many warnings from friends and family to not get too involved or believe everything I read. This group was absolutely what I needed through the difficult times. I learned so much more about Subchorionic Hematomas and heard hundreds of women’s stories. It was very reassuring each time a baby picture and success story would show up in the group. It was also very helpful to read all of the varying difficulties and outcomes other women have gone through so that I could be prepared and know signs of various problems. I knew my limits and if it was a particularly rough day or week, I’d avoid the group altogether.

Fast forward to February. I had bled for 4 weeks and it stopped. Every trip to the bathroom was stressful as I held my breath in hopes of it not returning. Finally, I had my 15 week ultrasound andthere was NO SIGN of the hematoma! I was shocked, relieved, but still concerned. I asked the tech and my doctor to double check to be sure it was not there. I’ve heard so many accounts of these disappearing from ultrasounds, only to come back larger or end up delivered with the placenta at baby’s birth. As future ultrasounds continued to show nothing unusual, I was able to relax a little more. All restrictions were lifted, but I have still continued to take it easy when I feel it’s necessary and pay close attention to any twinge of pain or anything that could be unusual. With my youngest being 5 1/2, I’m sure I’ve counted some ‘unusual’ feelings that were totally normal.

Because of last year’s tragedy and the current difficulties, we decided not to share our news with many outside of our family. Instead we made the announcement at about 12 weeks and shared the info on what we had been through so far and then asked for continued prayers while we awaited a change.

I am currently 33 weeks along and I still have not had anymore difficulties. I cherish each and every kick and flip. Yes, I even enjoy the hurtful movements or positions he put himself in to because I know that my baby is thriving and . I am so grateful that to this point, my pregnancy has progressed normally and that my little boy will be arriving early August. He is going to get a lot of extra snuggles and kisses when I can hold him in my arms.



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