American Serenade is one of the newest Direct Sales companies that just started a couple of years ago and I am very excited to be part of it. I have never been as interested in a DS company as I am now!

American Serenade is a wonderful Northeast Ohio business that supports other small American Businesses that supply their products. American Serenade specializes in three main beverages of which many people consume on a regular basis. They also have lovely, hand crafted dinnerware.

Hand roasted in small batches and ground at time or order. Non flavored coffees are 100% Organic & Fair Trade

ALL of our teas are 100% Organic & Fair Trade, many have health benefits

American produced

Hand made exclusively for American Serenade right here in the U.S.!

Things I love about American Serenade:

  • Faith based
  • Grace Time – all about spending time with those you love
  • In Barberton or Norton, Ohio? Your purchases are hand delivered by American Serenade!
  • Small American business that supports other small American businesses
  • Concierge beverage service

If you’d like to give some of the American Serenade products a try, visit http://www.AmericanSerenade.com. Please consider choosing me, Michelle Rouzzo as your consultant for any purchases you make.

You can also visit me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/AmericanSerenadebyMichelleRouzzo


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