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Because of You Confections & Creations is my personal home based business that I wanted to share with all of you! I am located in Barberton and I would love to make you a tasty treat or some jewelry sometime!

Why Because of You?

My husband has always been supportive and helpful when I want to try something. I’ve watched his drive and motivation with our business that he started as a hobby (Keepin’ it Radio). In the Spring of 2014, I was trying to think of a way to bring in a little income on the side while being at home with my boy. In the back of my mind I always thought that maybe one day I’d venture in to a home bakery of sorts. At that time I decided to mention it to Dave and see what he said. He was all for it and very supportive as usual! I decided to start with selling homemade fudge, which I had started making because of Dave. One day I posted on Facebook, trying to get help with a name for this new venture of mine. Long story short, I mentioned that it was because of Dave that I even had the guts to try something like this. Next thing I knew, Because of You Confections was created! Because of my wonderful hubby, Dave!


My confections include: specialty fudge, white/milk chocolate buckeyes, potato candy, chocolate covered pretzels, shaped chocolate candies, breads, cookies, and more!

Chocolate Covered pretzels

fudge sampler



Right now, the creations side of Because of You is focused on jewelry made with chunky beads for both children and adults. I take custom orders and prices usually range from $12 (children) to $16 (adult).


Want to see all the products I offer? Want to place an order? Connect with me via Facebook here: Because of You Confections & Creations


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