My second Easy Money Maker to share with you is Inbox Dollars.

There are many ways to earn on InboxDollars.

The simplest way to earn, is by reading e-mails. Yes, that’s right. InboxDollars sends out e-mails and at the bottom of most, there is a button to click on to redeem your paid e-mail. You get 2 cents for each one.

Other ways to earn on InboxDollars include taking surveys, watching videos, participating in some of their free or paid offers, and more.

Something I really like is that my balance shows me a true dollar amount, and I don’t have to calculate how much cash it equals. I can cash out for my money once I reach a minimum balance of $30.

Experience: I have just recently started using InboxDollars and I’m currently at a balance of $9. I only read my e-mails every few days, if that, and I have occasionally checked out some of their videos. I decided to give this a try after talking to my cousin in detail about how it works for her.

If you choose to sign up, please consider using my affiliate link:

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