My kids love Chuck E. Cheese. What kid doesn’t, right? I was excited a few years back when I discovered their printable reward charts. I used them occasionally here and there, more so when my oldest was potty training, and then they were forgotten.

I’ve recently ‘rediscovered’ these printables and I had to take a moment to share these with you while I’m printing out multiples for my children and the boy I babysit. 🙂

Chuck E. Cheese has printable certificates for finishing a school grade, being a super student, and more. Those are a simple print, sign, and redeem option for 10 free tokens!

My favorite reward chart printables are Reading Rewards, Homework First, Great Behavior, and Clean Room.

They also have a current seasonal one titled, “I’m Thankful For…”. This one has ten spaces to fill in what your child is thankful for. I’ll be using these with my son and his friend today and my daughter will be doing one after school. They’re saving up for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese so these reward charts are going to be helpful with that.

Have you used any of these reward charts? Which ones are your favorites? If you haven’t yet, head on over to Chuck E. Cheese’s website and check out all of the available charts. If you’re looking for the Thanksgiving “I’m Thankful For…” chart, click here.


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