Recently I had the privilege to visit Wadsworth’s new GetGo Cafe + Market and I was majorly impressed! My family is on the go a LOT with after school programs, church, shopping, and more. Often times we are out right around a meal time and it’s so easy to just go through a drive thru. Now with the new GetGo Cafe + Market locations nearby, we have better options to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a snack or a full on meal, GetGo Cafe+Market has something for you.

While visiting the Wadsworth location, I was able to try a variety of items from the menu.

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I was impressed with my first bite! The Chicka Biscuit was delicious. Ordering chicken from a gas station is usually not enjoyable but this chicken was the real deal, and not some generic fake stuff. Even their bacon is great! (And those who know me personally know that I usually HATE bacon.)

After trying out the breakfast items, each of us in attendance were able to special order our own sub and we all tried a little of each along with the tasty appetizers and salads.

I love that the subs are made to order with MY specific tastes being satisfied. Personally I ordered a sub that was just overflowing with veggies. I used to be a vegetarian and I still enjoy a good veggie sub from time to time. The Pilgrim sub is just like Thanksgiving dinner on bread. From the bun to each individual ingredient, it all comes together to give you that delicious taste of dinner you enjoy with family. When I go back again, I know I’ll be trying another one of the signature subs with just a little tweak to make it perfectly my own.

GetGo Cafe + Market’s have a wonderful selection of beverages. Of course they have the typical bottled drinks available but you really need to check out their special order options as well as the wide variety of coffee, tea, pop, and my family’s favorite – milkshakes and slushies. I ended my visit to Wadsworth’s GetGo Cafe + Market with a cup of iced Pumpkin Spice coffee. It was just the boost I needed to finish up my evening.

My children LOVE to get milkshakes and slushies as special treats after school or as we’re heading out on a long drive. I took them to visit this new GetGo Cafe + Market and they loved it! My son chose his favorite F’Real milkshake and continued on to putting it in the cup holder and making the selections to have it prepared the way he wanted it. I really like that the milkshake machine is something my five year old can use. It’s not only helpful, but it makes him feel good about making his own. My daughter went right to the slushies. I was excited to show her the option to get a mix of a variety of flavors. She was excited to pick her own mixture and I believe she ended up with five flavors mixed in and she loved it.

Not only is the GetGo Cafe + Market a great place for a meal, the market area is wonderfully stocked with many necessities. Sometimes I need to run to the store for just an item or two. With a baby, it can get tiresome going in a large grocery store for just an item or two which usually end up being in the farthest corner of the store. And to be honest, I never get out with JUST the one or two items. Now with GetGo’s Market, I can stop in to grab a gallon of milk or ice cream, or a frozen dinner. I can even pick up a gift card of two for my personal shopping at other stores or for gifts! Check out their selection in this picture. This was only on half of their gift card aisle!




As if you need another reason to stop by, just remember you earn fuelperks on each purchase and some specially marked items help you earn more. You won’t feel so bad grabbing that snack in the checkout line when you know it saves you a little more on gas. 😉

The new GetGo Cafe + Market’s are popping up all over the place. Be sure to check out one near you soon and let us know your thoughts below!


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