We all see the commercials and advertisements around with celebrities endorsing various products and companies. But have you ever thought about the celebrities who actually OWN their own franchise? Many places we visit from day to day may have a celebrity owner behind the scenes. Or not so much behind the scenes. I heard about one who visits his stores and takes on deliveries himself.

Here’s a fun quiz that you’re sure to learn from! I had no idea there were so many celebrities who owned franchises of these popular brands. Check it out and see how well you do. I’d love to hear how well you do, so come on back and let me know. Don’t worry if you don’t have great results, I sure didn’t as you can see here…


Have you ever thought about or just been curious about what it takes to be a franchise owner? I know I have and it sounds like an interesting career choice. If you’d like more information, it’s available at the end of the quiz too. Go ahead, check it out. Just click the image below.



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