Easy Money Maker #2: Inbox Dollars

My second Easy Money Maker to share with you is Inbox Dollars.

There are many ways to earn on InboxDollars.

The simplest way to earn, is by reading e-mails. Yes, that’s right. InboxDollars sends out e-mails and at the bottom of most, there is a button to click on to redeem your paid e-mail. You get 2 cents for each one.

Other ways to earn on InboxDollars include taking surveys, watching videos, participating in some of their free or paid offers, and more.

Something I really like is that my balance shows me a true dollar amount, and I don’t have to calculate how much cash it equals. I can cash out for my money once I reach a minimum balance of $30.

Experience: I have just recently started using InboxDollars and I’m currently at a balance of $9. I only read my e-mails every few days, if that, and I have occasionally checked out some of their videos. I decided to give this a try after talking to my cousin in detail about how it works for her.

If you choose to sign up, please consider using my affiliate link:


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RECALL ALERT! Baby Wipes may have bacteria

A variety of baby wipes are being recalled due to possible bacteria.

CutAffected brands include:

  • Cuties
  • Diapers.com
  • Femtex
  • Fred’s
  • Kidgets
  • Member’s Mark
  • Simply Right
  • Sunny Smiles
  • Tender Touch
  • Well Beginnings

The stores affected include: Diapers.com, Family Dollar, Fred’s, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens.

Only those distributed before October 21, 2014 are affected.


Read the news article here:


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SwagBuck’s Swag Code -Redeem by 2pm, 10-27-14

Current code worth 6SBs:


Redeem by 2pm EST TODAY

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SwagBuck’s Swag Code -Redeem by 2pm

Current code worth 2SBs:


Redeem by 2pm EST TODAY

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Easy Money Maker #1: SwagBucks

My first Easy Money Maker to share with you is SwagBucks.

There are so many ways to earn, on SwagBucks. The main thing I do, is run the SBTV app on my old phone. This app plays all sorts of videos (movie trailers, cooking clips, etc.) and you earn 2 bucks for every 4 videos. I can earn up to 36 bucks a day with this.

You can also earn by watching more videos on your computer, online searches, participating in the multitude of offers (some are free), printing and redeeming coupons (same as coupons.com), getting referrals, and more!

You can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card once you earn 450 SwagBucks or $5 Paypal deposit for 500 SwagBucks.

MY Experience: I’ve been a member of SwagBucks for about four years now. I have not spent hours on end building up my balance, but I have earned a good amount of extra cash. I just requested $50 to be sent to my Paypal account last week.

If you choose to sign up, please consider using my affiliate link:


For a preview of all Easy Money Maker posts to date, click here: Easy Money Makers


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Easy Money Makers – Computers & Smartphones

I am currently a stay at home mom. I have one child in school while I have my youngest at home along with another child that I babysit. I’m always looking for ways to help bring in more income for my family and these online sites and apps are the way I do it.

This is not a post about how to get rich quick, but just a way to make a few extra bucks here and there. If you know of another legit opportunity that’s not listed, please let us know about it!

I will only list companies I have directly received payment from, or those that a few trusted friends or family members tell me about.

I will share 1-2 opportunities per week. Keep checking back for more.

*Affiliate links are included.


Easy Money Maker #1: SwagBucks

You can earn with SwagBucks on your computer or on your smartphone.

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Family Day at Cedar Point and New Rides in 2014!

I love taking my family to Cedar Point. We took a trip there in May just before school ended. We were invited to visit the park as part of a blogger’s day and since my sister’s family was attending too, the rest of our family decided to join up with us. Twelve of the fourteen of us were able to meet up after lunch and spent most of the rest of the day together.

We started our day in Kiddy Kingdom since we had kids ranging from 3 up to 15 with us.


Later on we split up – some of the adults and older kids went to ride some roller coasters while my family stayed behind in Camp Snoopy. I am a scaredy cat so I was happy to watch my kids enjoy their rides and at times join in with them.

It was nice being able to split up so the coaster fans were able to get their ride time in and the kids all got their time to ride what THEY all wanted to ride, and to spend time with their cousins, which is always enjoyed. I love that Cedar Point has so many areas filled with children’s rides to keep a family day kid friendly.


Cousins at Cedar Point Cousins at Cedar Point



When you’re visiting Cedar Point for the day there are many choices on where to eat and get drinks throughout the park. If you’re visiting with your family and want a cheaper way to eat, I suggest splitting some of chicken tenders meals. We’ve done that each time we’ve visited and it works great for us. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and get a refillable cup. It’s worth it to be able to get cheaper drinks throughout the day and you go home with a reusable souvenir cup. Also, take note – Cedar Point offers FREE cups of water. As a parent, I was very thankful to discover that the first time we took our little ones a couple of years ago. It was comforting to know that I could go up to any stand and get some water for the kids to cool down.

I really recommend visiting Cedar Point with your own family – no matter the size! There is something for everyone, and it definitely leaves children with great memories of when they went to a big amusement park with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents!

At the time of our visit, there were some new coasters to check out. My husband did not get to personally try either of those out (remember, he’s the coaster guy). We were saving those for a little later in the evening. As we headed over to that area, we found out my dad had passed out and was on the way to the ER. (The rest of the night/early morning is a whole other story. He’s fine though and went home the next day.) Even though we can’t personally write about an experience on those rides, we still want to let you know what they are.

Lake Erie Monsters

Riders sit in one of eight “eagles” suspended from arms 28 feet in the air. As the ride spins, the eagles swing outward – and riders have the unique opportunity to control their flight experience from mild to wild!


Pipe Scream

The Pipe Scream rocks and rolls you on over 302 feet of track, flying 43 feet above the midway at 43 mph! Twist and spin on what’s being called “the best of a roller coaster and a flat ride in one.”

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