As we’re all still getting settled in to our new routines with another new school year, we all know that easy dinners are important for our busiest days. IHOP is helping make that a little easier on us all this month as they are feeding our kids for FREE! Dinner out at IHOP in September allows for some relaxing family time that is easy on your wallet.

The night before my kids went back to school, we took advantage of the free kid’s meals in the midst of our mad dash to get last minute supplies and get to the school to meet teachers.


My kids both ordered the and they couldn’t wait to dig in. My boy was especially excited about the many choices of syrup and yes, he tried most of them!

My parents joined us on our crazy day and the three of us tried out the new Criss-Croissants and we all loved them. It was not something I would normally try but I am glad I did.


These meals come with different side options which I loved. I love eggs and potatoes with my breakfasts but I’m not a fan of bacon or sausage. I liked that I was able to choose the sides that fit what I wanted.

Be sure to head over to your local IHOP to try out the Criss-Croissants and let your kids enjoy a tasty meal for free through Saturday 25th between 4pm and 10pm.


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