Some of you have noticed that I’ve disappeared a bit through the month of August. If you’re not a Facebook follower, you may not have seen the picture I shared a couple weeks ago to give an idea of what’s taking up all of my time these days. It’s a wonderful distraction…

My baby boy arrived on the 4th! We spent a couple day in our delivery hospital, 12 hours at home, and then a day and a half in the NICU at Children’s Hospital before we came home for good! Baby Ethan turned 3 weeks old yesterday, which seems crazy to me. He’s ALREADY growing up too fast! He’s my last baby and I can already see him growing up and leaving me way too soon. He’s grown almost two inches and is about a pound over birth weight. Too soon…

Anyway… I’ve been away because I’ve been tending to my newborn son, who, right now, sleeps best and longest ON me. Just like his big brother. The bassinet and swing are just small helpers here and there. I’ve also been busy with my older kids. My girl started third grade and my older son… my baby for the past 5 1/2 years…  started Kindergarten. Let me just say it helped being ‘distracted’ with a newborn while sending him off to BIG KID school with his sister.

Big sister and brother love helping me out with baby any chance they get when they’re home. One of the perks to the larger age difference is that they can do and enjoy so much more with their baby brother.

Baby Ethan likes to be held a majority of the days and nights. While it can get frustrating when all I want to do is make a cup of coffee, or clean some part of the house… I’m cherishing every single moment to the best of my ability. I am NOT in any rush for him to not need me. With that being said, I’ll be a bit ‘distracted’ for a while as baby needs me. But I will be sharing reviews of some wonderful products and of course some great giveaways as time and energy allows.

Oh, and I can’t end this without a peak at my wonderful family. Enjoy!



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