I’m writing today to share with you all some tips to gain a brighter smile as a result of ditching your soda drinking habits. But first, I have to be ME. I’m an Ohioan and it’s POP, not soda. I’m sorry if you prefer ‘soda’, I just cannot make myself say that. Please just overlook this possible ‘downfall’ of mine. HA!

I’m 32 years old and I’ve been drinking pop for so many years. I can remember the days that I couldn’t finish a full can myself as a child, and now I could down WAY too many to count. Mountain Dew is what got me through college. No doubt on that one. I even had an injured laptop to show for that – allnighters + Mt Dew + typing papers = sticky keys that may not be fixed.

Through the years I’ve gone through spurts where I’d cut down on my pop drinking habits, but I’d always end up back at it. In the last couple of years, I started to rethink my habits and try to turn it in to a reward at times to help cut down, but to also encourage myself to drink more water. In this same time frame, I became a coffee drinker and I cut out pop completely for quite some time.

The past months I’ve been limited on my caffeine intake during this pregnancy so I admit there are many times I skip the coffee and go to pop because I can drink more before I reach my caffeine limit. I do try my best to limit my overall intake so that it is more of a treat. I never thought about the impact possible to my teeth from switching from pop to coffee. I was shocked to see that in an article I’ll be sharing with you.

In my efforts, I have noticed a difference in my teeth so I’ve seen the proof that cutting down on pop intake can help gain a brighter smile. I am continuing the best I can to make changes like this to help get my brighter smile back.

You can find some tips and trick that can help YOU gain a beautiful, bright smile once again and kick the pop (or soda) habit. Just check out this article with tips from ten different nutritionists and dieticians:



2 thoughts on “Ditch the Soda, Gain a Brighter Smile

  1. I know pop is bad for teeth – from cavities to discoloring and it is hard to give up. I know coffee is also bad for discoloring, not sure about cavities. my dentist in college said that the best thing to do if you drink pop – or soda – is to drink it all at once and follow with a cup of water or brush your teeth – easier said than done though. thanks for informative article


  2. Great tips. I don’t about diluting pop though. I like the idea of making your own healthier version, we do this with the soda stream. I’ll have to find tart cherry juice to see how that works!


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