I love finding new ideas to help with organizing things in my life, and trust me, I need a lot of ideas sometimes. Up until a year ago, I would make lists and put them on the side of our refrigerator with random magnets. Convenient space, but not so convenient supplies.

One day I picked up a magnetic notepad I had seen at Cracker Barrel. I loved it! When that was running low, my husband ordered me a pack that he found on Amazon. They arrived, twelve in a box with each one themed for each month. At the end of each month I swap out my notepad for the new month. It’s nice to have a different design to look at each month and they’re lasting a while! I write down a LOT of lists for shopping, to-do lists, business notes, and notes to my kids’ teachers.

I keep my notepads on the side of my refrigerator where they are easily accessible. I also have my magnetic pens close by so that I can quickly grab one, jot something down, and stick it back on. With those, it prevents a lot of forgotten things during a hunt for a pen.

You can get the same set of notepads that I have on Amazon for just $13.97. Free delivery is available for Prime members.

Magnetic Notepads

While you’re getting your notepads ordered, don’t forget to grab some magnetic pens or just a magnetic holder to put your favorites in.

Magnetic Pen Magnetic Pen Holder

*This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through my link, helps my family. 🙂


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