For my daughter’s last birthday, she wanted to do a Lego movie theme. Since we didn’t have access to the actual movie decorations and accessories, we put our own together based on a color scheme. Any Lego party can be put together in the same way.

For our daughter’s party, we used WyldStyle’s colors, black and pink along with blue and yellow. Here are some of the ways we put the party together.


For our WyldStyle colored party, we bought a bunch of colored balloons from the Dollar Tree. Black, white, blue, and pink were all bundled nicely by the gift table. We used a black and pink Happy Birthday banner and pink and black table cloths.

food table



We purchased multi colored accessories. Utensils were available in pink and blue and we had yellow cups. The straws were black and pink and so were the plates and napkins. I had a lot of fun building the utensil holders.

Food and Drinks


We had a simple meal at the party with pizza, wings, and sides. The side items were served in matching blue serving trays and bowls. Our drinks were pink and blue.

The most important items were the birthday girl’s cake and the cupcakes! Our friend and local bakery owner made these for us and they were wonderful.

Gift table

At the gift table, we used a large dry erase board to write the famous line from the Lego Movie, “Everything is Awesome”. Next to the gifts, we set out our ‘lego brick’ goodie bags.


The goodie bags were made with blue and pink lunch style bags that I found at WalMart for only 33cents a piece! I measured and cut out yellow circles and glued 6 to the front of each bag to resemble a lego brick. We filled them with a few party favors and left space for pinata goodies to go in as well. The kids enjoyed them and I was happy that they turned out so nicely. (I’m not super crafty.) 🙂

Gift Table


We only planned a few activities for our daughter’s party. With 40+ invited and it being outside, we knew there would have to be time for the kids to just simply play.

-We had a jar full of legos and we had our guests guess how many were in there.

-We did a lego run with kids versus adults. We set up two buckets full of legos and one spoon at the front of each line. Then, a few feet away there were two more empty buckets to be filled. Everyone took turns scooping up a spoonful of legos and walking it to the opposite bucket.

-We finished off the activities with a pinata. Of course all of the kids enjoyed hitting it and gathering the goodies that fell.


Many of our party supplies came from This company has a wide variety of party themes available but for parties like ours, they also have a nice variety of colors to choose from in their various accessories. Our favorite product from them was the pinata which came with a cute blind fold and stick. They also offer candy AND toys to fill the pinata which I LOVE.

Be sure to check out their products for your next party. Place your order in a few clicks and spend the rest of your time planning out the rest of your party.

*We received products from in exchange for this post.


2 thoughts on “Tips for a Lego Themed Party

  1. That sounds like an awesome party. I know it is always a struggle for Amber and I to come up with ideas for the kid’s parties.


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