It’s Saturday morning. Maybe you’re browsing the internet while sipping some coffee. Is that coffee made or sold locally? Haven’t thought about it? Many don’t.

As you go about your day today, I suggest that you intentionally think about where everything you consume or use, comes from.

Maybe you’re taking your children out for a special treat this afternoon. Are you going to a large chain restaurant or going to that local restaurant which is owned by your neighbor?

You’re attending a holiday party this evening. You enjoy the delicious food that is served and you know the host didn’t make it all. Maybe you could ask where they got it. Maybe, you could order from that local business to get your child’s birthday cake, your snacks for your own holiday gatherings, or for that dreaded company meeting.

The big question is this…

Are you supporting big box stores or mom and pop shops on a regular basis? Everyone has their preferences, and conveniences are wonderful. As a mom, I admit I take advantage of conveniences.

But maybe, sometimes, we can take that extra step and go out of our way to help others in a more personal way with our purchases. One small purchase can make a world of difference in a small business owners success.

Every individual purchase from a small business matters and makes a difference. MANY small business sales allow a mom to contribute to her family’s finances, puts food on the table for a local family, allows children to take dance lessons or join little league. If more people thought of it in that way, I think more would join us in supporting small businesses all the time.

Today is Small Business Saturday and we’d like to encourage you all to help support your local business owners. Your friend or neighbor that bakes, makes jewelry, sells candles, owns a bookstore, etc… Consider checking out their products or shops TODAY and make a purchase. If you can’t make a purchase, show support to your local businesses. Share them. Trust me, when I see someone simply share the existence of my businesses (even this blog!), it puts a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

Do you own a small business? Feel free to share your links in the comments below. Looking for some small businesses to support? Here are some businesses owned by your bloggers here at the Boy Meets Girl blog.

Keepin’ It Radio:
Radio Station focused solely on LOCAL and INDEPENDENT musicians from around the world.

Because of You Confections and Creations:
Handmade jewelry and homemade fudge, buckeyes, bread, and more!

American Serenade by Michelle Rouzzo:
Fair trade coffees, Organic teas, Wine, Chocolate Covered espresso beans and more!

Something Tiafied:
Cakes, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Coffee/Cocoa Stir Spoons and more!



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