I am SO excited about this discount being offered to our customers for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! You have TWO DAYS to figure out what products you want to stock up on and get them ordered.

Black Friday Special 15% off

I am a consultant for this company and it’s truly because THIS brand MADE me a coffee drinker. I’ve never been able to stand the taste of coffee until this came in to my life and now I have at least one cup a day. I believe it is because of the small businesses involved in getting this coffee to me. American Serenade offers fair trade and organic products which come from other small businesses in the United States. The coffees and teas are made in small batches which allows for better quality and taste and the coffee is ground upon each order.

Coffee, tea, wine, chocolate covered espresso beans and more… Head on over to www.americanserenade.com and order yours today. Please, choose Michelle Rouzzo as your consultant when you place your order.

Feel free to also connect with me on Facebook:
American Serenade by Michelle Rouzzo



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