Part 2: Time to play the game!
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Rollins vs Sting
Rollins vs Sting

Gameplay (continued):
One great example of the upgrades made is the ability to change who you are targeting while you’re setting up for a finishing move. Waiting to hit Sweet Chin Music on Triple H but Chris Jericho got up first? With the press of a button, you’ll be laying Jericho out with the fine tune of Shawn Michael’s boot instead. As if the gameplay wasn’t already made so much smoother and enjoyable with these other updates, several hundred new moves making their way into the game helps a lot too. Included in this are new finishing moves from the 2nd rope position and finisher reversals that allow you to reverse a finisher with another finisher – while limited to catching finishers (and certain new moves being able to be countered with catching finishers) this year, it’s a sign of what is to come to the series and is a definite step in a much needed right direction.


Rollins vs Balor
Rollins vs Balor

Let’s be honest. WWE 2k15 lacked in a lot of areas, despite being a wonderful game overall. One of the most crucial areas the game lacked was match types. This year, several of our missing matches have returned such as handicapped matches, new variations of ladder matches, and tornado tag, plus others that we definitely had missed last year. You’ll find yourself entertained much more this year with the return of these favorites and many others!

Universe Mode:
Universe mode is a personal favorite game mode of mine when it comes to this franchise. The ability to take over the WWE Universe and make it your own is an incredible feeling, from assigning your rosters and champions to deciding what matches and rivalries will take place. This year we’re getting a bit more freedom with our Universe, with incredibly helpful minor additions like allowing a superstar to show up on two brands at the same time.  This allows us to return to the brand split like before between Raw and Smackdown if we wish, while still allowing our top superstars to perform and compete in rankings on both shows. On top of that, there are some great additions to the customization options in this mode as well, but I can’t quite go into details on that just yet. Stay tuned though, more information about what’s new in Universe mode is coming VERY soon!

MyCareer Mode:
Last year, Next-gen systems (Xbox One, PS4) introduced the new MyCareer Mode, but fans found the mode to be lackluster and spotty. This year however, we’re looking at this mode showing its full potential to be much more advanced than we originally thought. Create your own superstar and make your way into the WWE battling it out in NXT until you’re brought up to the main roster. There’s going to be plenty of obstacles along the way as you can either side or go up against the Authority and other rivals, all while working your way up the ladder to win multiple championships. During your career, you’ll be interviewed by Renee Young and given options to talk respectfully about your opponent or to put them down. In the process of all of this, you’ll find yourself taking on the roles of manager, referee and even forming tag team partners (something that was heavily missing from last year’s installment). An incredible 15 year career awaits you, as does the WWE Hall of Fame… Are you ready?

Austin 3:16
Austin 3:16

Showcase Mode:
Last year we saw showcase mode highlight several different showcases of rivalries and careers, from the rise of the Ultimate Warrior to rivalries like the famous 2011 feud between John Cena and CM Punk. This year, we’re getting rid of the multiple showcases and seeing ourselves following ONE showcase and ONE showcase only (but the DLC this year is going to be exceptional – and we’ll be discussing that in the very NEAR future). This year, we focus on the career of WWE legend, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, following his career from the days of ECW, to WCW and finally his arrival and rise to fame in the WWE (including his famous Austin 3:16 speech).  On top of reliving great highlights of Austin’s career, such as his feuds against the Undertaker and the McMahon family, you’ll also find a sweet collection of extra matches to relive… and the large roster allows for plenty of “What if…” moments.  Get excited, because this year Showcase mode puts all of the focus into delivering one “Stunning” experience.

Stone Cold vs Jake the Snake
Stone Cold vs Jake the Snake

Creation Suite:
Every year, we await news on the creation suite of the WWE franchise games, and for good reason. This series has seen some of the most in-depth, advanced creation modes available to any sort of annual game franchise. Last year, most of our creation modes were removed from the game, and the ones that remained became incredibly limited.  However, this year, we’re getting everything back, and it stands to show it was removed for good reason – to allow room for major improvement. While I can’t get into the details too much just yet, I can tell you that the creation suite this year is spectacular. We see the return of Create an Arena, vast improvements to Create a Superstar, the return of Create a Diva and to top it off, the return of Create a Championship. Information is coming within the next 2 weeks on these features and we’ll be giving another update as well, so be sure to check back soon for more information on what to expect of WWE2k16’s Creation Suite AND a look at the DLC! And that’s the bottom line!

WWE 2k16 releases in the US on Oct. 27th for Xbox360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4!


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