Saturday night, the Quicken Loans arena filled with bulls, cowboys, and excited fans. My family was pumped to experience such a unique show! From age 4 to 31, we were all entertained and enjoyed our time at the Professional Bull Riding show in Cleveland.

I really enjoyed the live video stream that allowed us to see up close how each of the riders were getting on their bull and getting ready for their few seconds of riding. I have to say some of them seemed nervous and it’s no wonder. I wondered how many injuries we were going to witness and thankfully we only noticed one. I don’t know how they get the nerve to do what they do though. My 13 year old nephew really enjoyed it and said that he wants to try bull riding sometime!

Each ride was very similar but we were still on the edge of our seats, wondering if they were going to make it for their 8 seconds, how they were going to fall, how the bull was going to react in the end. We were entertained a few times by some stubborn bulls who didn’t want to go right back behind the gates. I have to say I worried about the horse and rider who had the responsibility to help by encouraging and sometimes lassoing the bulls to get them to head back. It was still very entertaining, and if there was ever a dull moment possible, the host was full of stories and antics to keep us entertained.

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Professional bull riding is not something I ever thought my family would be going to see, especially here in NE Ohio. We are all very happy that we were able to attend and experience a whole new thing. Like I said, it kept our whole family entertained and our 4 year old son is constantly talking about the show.

You can still catch more of the Blue Def Velocity Tour in Louisville, KY, Ontario, CA, Bakersfield, CA, and Cincinnati, OH. If PBR is coming to your neck of the woods, be sure to get your tickets and take your family or friends. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.


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