I have been driven crazy lately with how messy our junk drawer has been. I know, it’s a JUNK DRAWER. But, it can organized junk, right?

I’ve been on a mission lately to organize as much as I can to help with my sanity and to have a nicer looking home. 🙂 Yesterday I had to go to the Dollar Tree and I decided to check out what they had that could benefit my organization plans. I’ve already used some of their products and have been happy so far.

Since I was surprisingly shopping alone, I was able to just browse at my own pace. I walked through almost every aisle in that store looking for things on my list and just simply for ideas for the many ‘projects’ I’ve given myself.

I found a few different items that I considered for my junk drawer organization. I settled on two things: – first, a three pack of rectangular baskets (great for pens!), and second, a three pack of small baskets. It was only $2, so if this didn’t pan out the way I visualized, I knew I could find a new use for them and not be concerned about the price.

This is how my drawer looked before I tackled it:

Messy Junk Drawer

This is how it looks now:

Organized Junk Drawer

We have a lot in our drawer, and I found quite a few things I thought we were out of, and even things that were basically useless and thrown out. I felt so much better afterwards. All it took was 15 minutes and $2.


One thought on “How I Organized Our Junk Drawer in 15 minutes for $2

  1. Great idea. I keep trying to put stuff in one spot in the junk drawer and it never stays there – baskets. I’ll have to get some next time I’m out!


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