Today was a snow day for my daughter, which meant she was home with her brother and the 5 year old I babysit. Days like today I basically let them play and do what they want (within reason). During today’s adventures, one of them came across one of our fyrflyz that we reviewed years ago! The kids had fun playing with it and I wanted to remind you all that these exist. I LOVE that it’s battery operated and not something that’s just thrown away once the light goes out.

Here’s a picture of Dave trying it out at Cedar Point three years ago.

Dave showed us all how to use the Fyrflyz
Dave showed us all how to use the Fyrflyz










You can read our original review and see pictures of fyrflyz in action, right here.

Fyrflyz are a fun little toy to have around for fun any day or night. You can purchase your own via Amazon and even get free shipping! Here are some links to check it out here:

Fyrflyz on Amazon – 1 for 8.99 and free shipping

Fyrflyz on Amazon – 2 for 16.99 and free shipping

*This post includes affiliate links. All opinions listed are my own and come from personal use of the product mentioned.


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