In 2004, Taco Bell introduced a delicious new carbonated beverage – Mountain Dew Baja Blast.  For 4 years, the Baja Blast became a brand new reason to love Taco Bell.  Unlike other variations of Mountain Dew, Baja Blast was ONLY available at Taco Bell.  And just when it stopped being the most appealing thing on the planet, Taco Bell brought something new to the table.  The Fruitista Freeze.  The Fruitista consists of a frozen beverage, flavored in Strawberry or Mango.  The beverage includes a real-fruit strawberry topping that adds the perfect touch to it.

bajablast    fruitista strawberryfruitista mango

And so, as a fan of both of these drinks, I must admit that I neglected the Baja Blast once I dove into the Fruitista Freeze.  Throughout the last 4 years, they’ve introduced Creme versions of the Strawberry and Mango, a Berries and Creme, Berry Pomegranate, and a Pink Lemonade.  On January 31st, Taco Bell is introducing it’s newest flavor – a Baja Blast Fruitista Freeze.  With these powers combined, the Fruitista will set a new level of awesome that will be hard to beat.

But wait – there’s more!  The Strawberry and Mango may be retired very soon – or at least put back onto the storage shelf for a little while.  While I got to see the Baja Blast in all of it-bluish green glory, I was also informed that there would be one or two other flavors introduced as well.  The one they were able to tell me specifically? Banana. While it’s not 100% confirmed, it sounds as if the Banana Fruitista is a good possibility, and the Baja Fruitista a definite.

So this brings up a chance for us to interact with you!
What flavors do you want to see Taco Bell bring out for the Fruitista Freeze in the future?
Personally, I’ve got my hopes up for that Banana flavor, and the Baja Blast is sure to become my next beverage addiction!




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