Let’s take a minute to reflect upon our Christmas season,
has it lost it’s one true purpose, has it lost it’s reason?
Commercialism, discount sales, reindeer with red noses,
talking snowmen, flashing lights, and elves in funny poses.
All of these things take control, each one has a hold
of the attention to the passerby, so IS this all for show?

Well, if “Santa Claus” is “Satan’s cause”, and these tree lights bare no symbol
Then perhaps our faith has dwindled down, to what could fit into a thimble.
It’s so much more than just decor, it goes BEYOND tradition.
It outshines every rumor myth, folklore or superstition.
It’s truth. It’s pure. It’s good. It’s right. It’s love. It’s OH SO TRUE…
It’s peace on Earth, good will to men. It’s the start of all things new.

Let’s rewind a bit of time, to meet a Christian boy,
a saint we know as Nicholas, a heart so full of joy.
This man, also a bishop, would give to those in need.
It’s seems as if his mission was to rid this world of greed.
He had a heart for Jesus, was imprisoned for his faith,
and he not only gave gifts, but shared the message of God’s grace.
Society and industries have added hocus pocus,
but the true story of Santa Claus should be where Christian’s focus..

Now let’s go even further on this stroll through history,
and find ourselves in Bethlehem, at that nativity.
A baby in a manger, born to set our spirits free,
the Savior of the world, born to die for you and me.
So let us look up to our trees, and see a shining star,
much like the one that holy night led wise men from afar.
Or perhaps we see an angel with a candle lit up bright,
resembling those which brought the news of the Savior born that night.
Those lights upon our Christmas trees, that shine throughout our homes,
remind us to light up this world, and make God’s love be shown.

So make this Christmas what you wish, for your beloved family,
but keep the focus on the One who set the captives free.
Jesus Christ must always be the reason for this day,
so take the time throughout Christmas to take the time to pray.
Remember Him through lights and decorations where you go,
this season is for Jesus – who has made us white as snow.


One thought on “A Christmas Reflection by David Rouzzo

  1. I feel like even though we have all the flashing lights an all the hoop-la, the real reason is in there. I love the Christmas season for that reason.


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