For five years in a row, gift cards have been the most requested holiday present, and this year is no different. A recent study from the National Retail Federation found more than 81 percent of holiday shoppers will purchase at least one gift card. I know we are considering a gift card purchase for our oldest nephew who is a little harder to shop for these days.

If you’re at a loss of what to get someone this year, pick up a gift card. GiftCardGranny.com analyzed over 130,000 gift card alerts to put together their top 20 list. So if you choose one from the list below, you’re likely to get something they really want! Just in case, Gift Card Exchange Day takes place on Dec. 26. This is a time that people can sell their unwanted gift cards to the highest bidder and get something else they want.

Top 20 Requested Gift Cards


4 thoughts on “Top 20 Requested Gift Cards for Christmas

  1. We buy alot of gift cards for Xmas so it doesn’t surprise me its the #1 requested gift, especially for older children who are too old for toys. I’m kinda surprised Subway is in the top 10 & that iTunes isn’t even on here


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