Hathin by David Rouzzo

In a town that struggles with an evil known as the “nightwalkers” (vampires), a man who cannot remember his past struggles with frightening and confusing visions as he tries to find answers. As the visions become more and more real, his past quickly begins to unravel as he discovers an unimaginable truth.

Many of you who follow our blog have no idea that Dave is a published author. He’s been writing again and I wanted to share the first series that he wrote. With Christmas and gifts on my mind right now, I knew I needed to get this out there in case someone is looking for a brand new book series for someone on their list.

I think this series would be good for teenagers on up to adults. It is easy to read and I know anyone who starts to read this is not going to be able to put this down. Years ago before the book was anywhere near being published, Dave had a sampler he showed my grandma. My grandma loved what she read and wanted to read the rest! I did not expect that from her.

The series start off with Hathin, and continues on with Hathin: Resurrection, The Hathin Archives, and I Am Hathin. The Chronicles of Hathin is the last book, and it’s a collection of the entire series all in one book. Start out with the first book, or dive in and get the whole series. It’s up to you if you’d like the hard copies or digital copies, both of which you can purchase from www.lulu.com with prices starting at $6.20.


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