1000 series on ear


These Fanny Wang on-ear headphones were delivered to me and I stared in excitement.  My band, Any Dream Will Do, was about to begin recording our Christmas album, and I needed some good studio headphones.  I’m very picky on headphones when it comes to recording, because if it doesn’t sound good in my ears, there’s very little chance it’ll sound good in someone else’s.

Moving on. I thought these Fanny Wang headphones were pretty nice looking, with a solid white color all around, but something stuck out about them.  At first glance, it’s common knowledge (and even had a lawsuit regarding it) that these things look a lot like Beats by Dr. Dre.  However, they exceed the Beats in many different ways.

A personal favorite feature these have are the hinges on them that allow them to fold up in a very convenient way, making them easy to store and transport in the nice bag that came with them.

Another great feature is that the cable unplugs from the headphones, again, making transportation and storage incredibly convenient. On top of that, the cable features a Duo Jack, which provides a second headphone jack, which allows you to share your music with another person.  In fact, you could connect multiple headsets together through this feature and allow multiple people to hear the audio, without really hindering the audio quality.

Give these Fanny Wang’s a try and you’ll never want to go back to your old ones!

BUY Fanny Wang Headphones

You can buy your own pair of Fanny Wang’s 1000 series on ear luxury headphones via amazon.com. You can get your own for just 49.95 and you can choose between white and black.


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