For Grace’s birthday, we wanted to do something special and fun.  We wanted her to get to do something she had never been able to do yet.  Then we found Kids Love Pony Parties.

Kids Love Pony Parties was such an awesome thing to come across.  For a very fair price, we could take Grace to ride on ponies!  Not only that, but she would get to feed them, and decorate a pony’s hair!  We got in touch with them and they kindly permitted us to do a review, so we set up the date and went to give Grace one of the best birthday adventures ever!

This trip was even better than we had expected it to be.  Going in, we were told that only Grace would be able to ride the ponies because Darren was just too young.  We were okay with that because it was something special we were just doing for Grace anyways.  When we arrived at the barn, we were very happy and excited to see that they did a special “Happy Birthday Grace” announcement on their sign!

Grace loved seeing this special sign just for her!  We took the above picture of her next to it right before we left.  We didn’t want her to have to wait any longer to ride the horses, especially since it looked like it was going to rain (which it did, right after we got this picture taken).

We were greeted and taken into the barn where we got to meet all of the ponies (and one donkey).   Then, they took us upstairs into the hay loft so that Grace could kick some hay down to the ponies.

After feeding the ponies the hay, it was time to get a little bit more hands on!  Grace got to brush and decorate a pony’s hair.  Darren wanted to brush and pet the pony too, and before we knew it, he was given permission!  He took a brush and softly brushed the hair, and even helped Grace put in a clip or two.  The kids had so much fun doing this.



After the kids (and Michelle) had time to decorate the pony’s hair, it was time to get Grace ready to ride!  This was so exciting.  We had no idea how Grace would react.  She is always so shy with people, we were worried she wouldn’t be up for riding the pony.  Fortunately, these ponies knew how to have fun and appeal to a child – by wearing funny glasses, as seen in the picture below.

While they got this pony ready to ride, Grace had to have some practice time.  After all, she had never been on a real pony before.  And of course, Grace couldn’t practice without Darren getting to practice as well.


Practice time was over, and it was time to ride!  Grace (with her pink helmet!) got saddled up onto the pony and was ready to ride!  They let her sit for a few minutes before they had the pony go anywhere.  This was a big pony and Grace was a bit nervous.  But, that didn’t last long.  Our little cowgirl was soon yee-hawing her way around the place.


Grace loved every minute she spent riding that pony around the lake.  And we loved watching and seeing our daughter have such a fun experience.  Something I personally loved was the fact that the lady walked with Grace the entire way to help assure us and Grace that she would be safe.  While the lady walked with Grace, the younger girl guided the horse.  It was just so great to see them being so good with the entire process, and so hands-on.  But, what took us by surprise the most was when they asked us if we wanted to try letting Darren have a turn after all!  We were stoked, and said yes.  Michelle walked with Darren so he would be a bit more comfortable with the whole thing.


After Darren was done with his ride, they let Grace ride again!  We were so happy, and she sure was too!  Both kids had such a fun time!  After the pony rides, we went back inside so that Grace could give all of the ponies a special treat!

The ponies seemed very grateful for their treats, and Grace really loved the new experiences she had from this special trip.  She got to feed the ponies, brush their hair, pet them, ride them, and give them treats.  Darren got to do a lot of those things too even though we didn’t expect that.  We got to check out their party room which you can see in the picture below, and it looked like it could fit a decent sized party in it.  Also, we wanted to let you know that there is even a swingset/playground area, which you can see below underneath the party room photo.

After checking out the party room, it was time for us to go.  We headed outside and got our picture of Grace next to the sign out front, and hurried into the van because it was starting to rain.  I snapped the above picture of the playground and we were on our way, a happy family that had just experienced such an awesome time with ponies, donkeys, and fun!

Before I close out this blog post, I want to recommend you check out the following links,
(They sell party favors on their website, as well as provide many answers and details you may be seeking.)

and check them out on Facebook here.

As for pricing,

You can get two hours at the barn which includes the party room and the pony rides for $150.00 Monday through Thursday.

$175.00 for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Add just 25.00 PLUS $1.00 per mile for them to come to you!
In other words, you’ll pay $175.00 PLUS $1.00 per mile for them to bring the pony for one hour to your location on Monday through Thursday, and $200.00 PLUS $1.00 per mile for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays,.
Finally, to have the experience we did, join the Clippity KLoPP Club and pay just $30.00 a session for one child, plus $10.00 a session for each additional child and have 45 minutes to an hour of fun, just like we did!  It was definitely worth it!

If you have questions, visit the website, give them a call, or you can e-mail them at
We highly recommend this experience for every child!  One thing is for sure – everyone will leave smiling, just like their donkey did for his treat as seen in our closing picture below!


2 thoughts on “Kids Love Pony Parties Clippity KLoPP Club – Review

  1. What a great review! How exciting for young children to experience this…too bad my ‘little’ girl is almost 30 y.o.!!


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