Little Kylie Grace isn’t a typical 3 year old. She has had to undergo much more than any child should. She has cancer and the strong chemo has not been helping. Early this month she had an MRI that showed the tumors are continuing to grow and her parents were left to decide what to do. Keep going with the current treatment to buy some time or try another treatment that has more severe side effects.

I just recently found out about some businesses who are helping to raise money for Kylie’s family to take a trip to Disney. I wish I was able to do more than my 40 cents worth, but at least I can spread the word and get some more support for Kylie’s family.

All you have to do is ‘like’ these four companies on Facebook. Each one is donating 10 cents for each new like through March 30th. So for each person, that’s just 40 cents so we need to get friends, family, enemies, etc to like these pages for Kylie!

Bella Salon & Spa (802 likes currently)

Foster’s Auto Body (556 likes currently)

Hepperly Auto Sales (3,406 likes currently)

Universal Builders of Tennessee (613 likes currently)

Let’s spread the word and get those numbers higher!


2 thoughts on “Two days left to help 3 year old Kylie Grace

  1. What a great thing these companies did! I liked them all & shared your post to help out as much as I could. Loved seeing she was presented with a $1,000 check & I hope her family was able to book the trip!


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