I was very excited when I received an e-mail about reviewing a personalized book for my kids from I See Me! I’ve always liked personalized things especially for kids. Originally, I was told about the Christmas book but since I wanted to include both of my children in the book, I chose to review their Who Loves Me book.

Personalized I See Me! Book


Dave and I chose to include both of our immediate families which adds up to 14 people PLUS the two of us. We didn’t want to leave anyone’s names out of this book. It did cause some delays while we worked with our contact to fit the names onto all of the pages. In the end, the book turned out wonderful and is a constant reminder to our children that each and every family member loves them.


My pictures do not do the book justice. The book is beautiful and full of great pictures! Throughout the book, it asks “Who loves Grace & Darren?” Then goes on to list the relatives name, says “How much? So much!” It continues on saying more than… various things. I have loved reading this to our kids. Everyday, we tell our kids, and Grace tells us we love each other more than certain things… Chuck E Cheese, mint gum, ice cream, work, etc. It’s one of my favorite things that we do everyday and it’s perfect to read in this book as well.

Here is a video all about the Who Loves Me? book:

You can check out I See Me! and all of their wonderful books at www.iseeme.com. Some of their other titles include My Very Own Fairytale, My Very Own Name, My Royal Birthday Adventure (boy and girl), The Super Incredible Big Sister/Brother, God Loves You, and many more. I See Me! also offers personalized blankets, puzzles, and placemats. Be sure to check our their website, follow them on Twitter, and, of course, go like them on Facebook! I guarantee you will find something special for a child in your life!


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