It’s been a tradition for three years now to get a cookie cake on the day of Grace’s birthday and then we have cake at her party. So I had to do the same this month when it was time for Darren’s first birthday.

The week before his birthday in late November I saw the cookie cakes on a shopping trip at Giant Eagle, our #1 place to go for all of our groceries and many other items. I didn’t want to buy it a week ahead of time so we went back the evening before our son’s birthday. All of the cookie cakes were designed with wreaths, snowmen, Christmas lights. Not one single design was available for birthdays.

I was shocked and upset. This was something we’ve always done with our daughter but of course her birthday isn’t right between two major holidays like her little brother. I had to settle and get a wreath on our cookie cake and asked the bakery worker to write happy birthday on it.







I know Darren has no idea that it was a Christmas design and Grace sure didn’t care when she was eating her piece. I have just been so insistent on nothing Christmas being involved in our son’s birthday and that totally ruined it.

The cookie was delicious as always but Giant Eagle really disappointed me with this. Maybe I will have to shop elsewhere every December for our son’s cookie cake.


One thought on “Giant Eagle should sell non-holiday cookie cakes in December!

  1. Every store bakery here will let you order something like that no problem. Strange that they would not. You might want to talk to a manager.


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