As someone who loves technology, I often find myself baffled about the way certain things work.  For example, when I first got my Xbox 360 after the game console was released, I was pretty shocked about the huge cable used to hook it to my television.   Fortunately, Microsoft soon updated their systems and the game console was able to use HDMI.  HDMI cables are a nice and easy way to transfer video and audio in High Definition.  If you are unfamiliar with the HDMI feature, I suggest you let tell you all about what HDMI is before reading further.

So excited to hook my new Xbox 360 with HDMI up to my big screen HDTV, I rush out to Best Buy to get a cable and am entirely taken by what I discover.  These cables were thick (wider than a coaxial cable) and ridiculously expensive.  A few cheaper versions existed but of course nobody recommended them.  I still made the investment but won’t hesitate to tell you I was pretty disappointed to get rid of one thick cable just to go get another thick cable that provides slightly better picture and audio.

As I continued to get electronics (DVR, Surround sound, etc.) that were HDMI capable, I quickly realized my dissatisfaction with what the HDMI cables on the market were.  Who wants a ton of thick cables clogging up their home entertainment center?  Not me.  Fortunately, we found RedMere equipped HDMI cables.

RedMere manufactures a “booster module” that makes up the display-end connector of an HDMI cable.  Samsung, Vizio, PNY, Monster, and RadioShack are brands that currently use Redmere’s technology to make their small HDMI cables.  We received an A cable plus a C cable for review purposes, but all varieties of these cables exist. They are so small and lightweight. Knowing I can bind my RedMere HDMI cables up and put them into my pocket is great!  I’ve NEVER been able to do that with a cable before!  Other companies could learn from this.  Top it off with an advanced chip technology, and RedMere is the perfect solution to your cabling issues.
All cables are terminated at one end, the display end, with an A-type (full size) connector.  The other end is terminated either in:

•    an A-type connector (Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game systems, satellite receivers, etc.)
•    a C-type or mini connector (many Android phones and tablets, some cameras), or
•    a D-type or micro connector (some tablets, smart phones, and newer cameras).

If my words alone don’t speak enough reason to get RedMere equipped HDMI cables, then let the numbers speak for themselves.  RedMere has surpassed sales of one million units!  If you aren’t sure what you’d use an HDMI cable, know that more and more devices are being made to be HDMI capable, from gaming consoles to home theater systems, smart phones, tablets, projectors, and so on.

Finally, every cable is tested during production, so you’re entirely less likely to have issues with your RedMere equipped HDMI cables. So what are you waiting for?  Get the HDMI cable you deserve.

You can purchase Redmere’s HDMI cables at many locations for about $39.99 and up. You can find a list of where to buy these worldwide on Redmere’s website.

ENTER TO WIN one of SIX C-type RedMere equipped HDMI cables!

Be sure to do the mandatory entries listed below. After that, feel free to do any of the extra entries for more chances to win tickets. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm, Monday, January 2, 2012. A winner will then be chosen via and will be announced on Facebook, on this post, and on our Giveaway Winners list. The winner will also receive an e-mail with a deadline to respond by.

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