I don’t post a lot of articles that come my way in e-mails but this is one that caught my attention a bit and I thought it could help some of you out. I’m totally a last minute gift buyer, online and in the stores. For those of you who are buying your last minute gifts online, you may want to check out this list of places to avoid if you want to actually have your gifts ready to give in 11 days!



Flash Sale SitesFab.com Many of these sites don’t actually possess the items they’re selling, often contributes to a lengthy processing time and slow delivery.
Stores that Specialize in Personalization:RedEnvelope & Pottery Barn But not only does their gift-friendly personalization add an extra time-consuming step, it introduces a significant chance of encountering an error that cannot be fixed in time for the holiday.
Stores that Have a Tendency to Cancel Orders: Shoebuy, newegg, Reebok, Kate Spade, & Best Buy This is particularly bad when a store doesn’t tell you in a timely fashion, as you will have then lost time in finding a replacement.
Stores that Periodically Take a Long Time to Ship: Best Buy, Meritline, DeepDiscount, JCPenney, & Kohl’s. Many of these stores might in fact feature shipping guarantees. However, they’re also periodic offenders of extremely late delivery. You may get refunded for late deliveries, but you’ll still be out of luck on Christmas.

I will also add that Sears may not be a great idea either. I can’t recall all of the details but I know they messed up big time with my mom and dad’s order two years ago. They had ordered every single gift they needed with Sears and then had to turn around and buy new presents for everyone when the order got messed up.

If you liked this list, be sure to check out the website it came from, dealnews.com. You can also read their full article on where not to do your online shopping here.

Are you doing your shopping online? Where do you shop?


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