I just discovered Jingit about eight days ago and it’s by far my favorite ‘watch videos and make money’ site. And trust me, I’ve signed up for a ton of those types of things!

Jingit has videos that are worth different prices. I’ve seen them range from $.07 up to $.50 a piece! You simply log in and watch the videos and you build up your earnings. Occasionally you’ll be asked some questions at the end of the video but it’s not terrible.

In the 8 days I’ve been using Jingit, I’ve made $7.51. Now you may think okay, but how much has to be made to be able to get the money. There is no real minimum. There is an option to use the money to buy music, but I choose the cash option. To do this, I signed up for a debit card via US Bank and paid $2 for it out of my first bit of earnings. Once that arrives, I’ll activate it and be able to load my earnings onto my debit card up to five times a day! I cannot wait to get my card in the mail.

There is an initial weekly earning limit of $5. You can earn $.25 more per referral and get your account up to a weekly earn limit of $10. That’s up to $40 a month you can make by just watching videos. The site is brand new and they do plan to implement surveys in the future as well.

To sign up, you need to be at least 13, have a Facebook account and your own cell phone that can receive a code via text message. Parental permission is required for those 13-17 years old to get started. I love that teenagers can do this to earn a little extra cash for themselves too! Just so you know, you do have to stay on the page so no multitasking online while earning your cash. 🙂

If you want to sign up, please click this link to help me get my referral’s built up. 🙂

Here’s a partial screenshot of what my account shows right now. I’m waiting until midnight for the new week to start over and get to work on my next $5.25!


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