On this day one year ago, my parents watched our daughter Grace when Dave and I went to my appointment with my midwife. We were told at the last visit that if our son had not made it out on his own by this appointment, we’d be helping him with that. What we did not expect was to find that he was laying sideways and I had to schedule a C-section for THE NEXT DAY! So mid afternoon we started the phone calls  to let our family members know Darren was going to be born the next day.

I was so busy that evening/night. I have no idea how much sleep I got but it definitely was not enough to ‘rest up’ before having a newborn around again. Dave and I had our last minute preparations around the house and getting things together for our daughter’s stay with my parents. I also packed snacks and activities in a special bag for Grace to have at the hospital whenever she visited. I didn’t know too much about c-sections other than the obvious getting my stomach cut open to pull the kid out of me! I didn’t even take much time to Google search it or anything so I did not know what I was in for. Overall, I think that was a good thing.

I can remember laying there waiting to meet my son and I asked if they had started yet. They all laughed and said yes. It wasn’t that bad. I felt some pressure but no pain. It was a very strange feeling to be laying there knowing they were cutting me open in order for my son to be born. Completely different from the birth of our daughter!

Recovery was crazy. I am with everyone else who has said that they felt like they’re insides were just going to fall apart or something similar. It was hard for me at times getting through the recovery and just getting back to a normal feeling as I’d walk around or do normal everyday things. In between feedings, sleeping, and spending time with Dave and Grace, I searched online all about c-section recovery. I have to say it scared me a little when I read about muscles not recovery right or that a simple cough or sneeze could move something and cause problems. I didn’t search anything else after reading those things.

There were times I didn’t think I’d ever recover and that everything was going to go back to normal like it should. There were also many times I thought I’d never lose the weight I had left. I did recover perfectly fine. I still have my scar which leads to fun conversations with Grace when she sees it and remembers her brother was cut out of there. I also still have some of my belly lingering around but I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight which is nice. At least I don’t have to worry about Santa thinking I’m pregnant this year when we take the kids to see him.

Now Darren is going to be one year old tomorrow and I am SO excited! He’s been pointing a lot recently and with that I’ve taught him to hold up one finger to show he’s one. In many areas, he’s the complete opposite of his big sister Grace. But that’s just taught us more and let us experience different things this first year of his life. The year has flown by but I am very excited. Yes, I do miss some of those early days when he’d lay on me to sleep each night and other newborn baby times. But I am very excited that he’s trying new foods, is finishing up his last bit of formula and baby foods this week, and is getting closer to walking more than a few steps and will be able to play with his big sister even more!

"Dr. Grace" checking on baby Darren


2 thoughts on “I survived my C-Section and my son is now turning ONE!

  1. Today is my sons 6th birthday. He was our little Christmas miracle. He was born via C-section 9 weeks early. He was 3 pounds 3 ounces and 16 inches when he was born. He spent the first 7 weeks of his life at the NICU. When he was 3 weeks old he had to have a blood transfusion because he had an infection. My wife and I have so much to be thankful for this time of year. Looking at him now you would not even know he was a preemy. At 6 he is only 4-5 inches shorter than his 12 year old cousin.


  2. What a good read. You had such a good birth with Grace, I thought it would be easy with Darren too. I’m glad you finally recovered. You have a beautiful family – and you look great too! Skinny mini! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Darren!


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