I jumped at the chance I was given to review Topricin Lotions. We go through a lot of lotion in our house and are always looking for new kinds to try out to see what works best for us.

Dave’s feet hurt him a lot so a lot of lotions are used on his feet. Some lotions we have found are not good for rubbing for too long. If it gets sticky or gobs up into little balls of lotion, it’s not going to be bought again by us. The one exception to this is baby lotion, which will be bought just for that… babies.

I get a lot of pain in my hands. The skin on my hands gets so dry and my hands end up with cuts and a lot of pain from them. I don’t know why this happens, sometimes it’s worse when I’m washing my hands a lot but even when I don’t, it still happens. Anyway, I can’t use just any lotion to help with this. I’ve found that Vaseline itself or Vaseline lotion are the best for me to use, though some others are alright.

The Topricin lotion we use the most in our house is the Foot Therapy Cream. It is mostly used for my husbands feet, but when I need to get something on my hands immediately and it’s nearby, I use it too. It has helped take away the pain in both my husbands feet and my hands. It’s definitely going to be a product we remember and buy in the future when we need more.

Topricin lotions are great for the everyday pain we come across. I know a lot of us get really busy during the holidays and could use something like this after a long day or week with parties and family get togethers. Not only can it help with everyday pain, certain things can be treated with Topricin products including arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, shingles, and more! Topricin products are great replacements for oral pain relievers. These reasons are posted on their site:

  • No Acetaminophen (a leading cause of liver damage and failure in the United States)
  • No Ibuprofen (kidney damage, ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding, Ibuprofen has been found to promote hypertension or high blood pressure in people with a history of cardiovascular disease)
  • Topricin has no side effects (safe for the entire family)
  • No paraben’s, petroleum, or other chemicals (all linked to serious medical conditions)
  • No capsaicin, menthol, or other potentially harmful irritants (these ingredients are not safe for children)
  • Non-irritating, does not burn or heat the skin or make the skin feel cold.(safe for all ages and skin types)
  • Odorless, Greaseless (won’t ruin your love life or your clothes)
  • Recently awarded a patent as treatment for pain associated with Fibromyalgia.

You can buy your own Topricin lotions at local health stores, Bi-Mart, Fred Meyer, Jimbo’s, Meijer’s, New Seasons, Pharmaca, Quick Chek, Sprouts, Super Supplements, Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, and Mustard Seed Markets.

You can also purchase your lotions on www.topricin.com or amazon.com. Both sites offer affordable gift sets to keep in mind for someone on your list this year!

ENTER TO WIN a 3-pack of Topricin lotions!

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