The last time my family went to see Disney On Ice, it was last year for Toy Story.  The event was so much fun that we were very excited to attend Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey.  Our daughter loves Mickey and Minnie, is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and was very excited for the show.  We were also excited about all the other characters we found out would be there.  To give a warning in advance, do not expect the show to focus on Mickey and Minnie.  Our daughter was constantly asking “Where’s Mickey?” because we had thought the show was going to be focused on him and Minnie going on some sort of journey as the title portrays.  Instead, expect to relive your favorite moments of some of Disney’s all-time classics.

The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland had a nice turnout for the show, and is always a nice place for an event like this.  The second you walk in, you can see the merchandise tables selling light up toys, stuffed animals, shirts, hats, and tons more.  We’ll go over individual pricing more later, but to give you a price range, their cheapest item was a very nice $5.00 coloring book, and the most expensive was a $30.00 blanket.  As for clothing, shirts ran $20.00 which is about normal for major events.  We will be posting more details in a separate blog over the weekend.






Showtime!  Mickey and Minnie come out to welcome everyone and are joined by the usual gang of Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy.

They talk about their journey and soon leave the ice to make room for the real first act – the Lion King.  We are joined by Rafiki (the baboon from the Lion King movies) who is soon joined by a young Simba and Nala.  They do a version of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” where Rafiki sings some of the lines that were normally done by Zazu in the film.  This was probably the hardest thing to get used to, especially if you are so used to the normal version of the song.  Still, it didn’t ruin the performance and made things a bit more fresh.  After the song, we are joined by Timon and Pumbaa and relive their memorable motto, “Hakuna Matata”.  Young Simba and Nala become adults during this song, which leads us quickly into a very amazing performance to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” which the crowd seemed more into than any other song up to this point.

As the Lion King clears the way Mickey and his friends come out for a few minutes.  We then venture under the sea to relive the tale of one of our favorite princesses, Ariel – the Little Mermaid.  Similar to the Lion King, we were entertained with performances to songs from the Little Mermaid soundtrack, and reliving moments such as Ursula the sea witch taking Ariel’s voice.














The highlight of this was when the giant Ursula came out as you can see in the pictures below.  Expect some fireworks around this part of the show as the sea witch is destroyed.








Mickey and the gang come back out and we find out our next adventure is reliving the magic of “ohana” – a Hawaiian word meaning “family”, taught and focused on in the wonderful story of Lilo and Stitch.



During this act, we got to enjoy some good performances to classic Elvis songs and enjoy the presence of the bumbling aliens.  This act is a great reminder to the families in attendance  that family is very important, and as Lilo and Stitch teach us “Family means nobody gets left behind.”





We are informed of an intermission break, and teased that after the intermission we’ll be joined by everyone’s favorite little pixie.  The Tinkerbell hint got a lot of kids excited.  Intermission gave us plenty of time to get some snacks from the lobby and check out some of the merchandise for sale.

After intermission, we are joined once again by Mickey and the rest of his clan as we venture to London.  There we meet Wendy and the rest of the Peter Pan characters.  If you’re a Peter Pan fan, you’ll be happy to know that Peter Pan seemed to be emphasized more than Mickey and Minnie at this show.





The act seemed to be the longest, as we were entertained with the magic of Tinkerbell and the happy thoughts that lead to flying away to Never Ever Land.  Once in Peter Pan’s magical land, we get to meet the fun cast, including that bitter old pirate, Captain Hook and his sidekick, Smitty.





Watching the bumbling antics of the pirates and the carefree style of Peter Pan brought to life brought the focus to the moral story of the entire night, “never completely grow up,always keep that little part inside of you that has happy thoughts and believes in make believe”.




Finally, if the giant Ursula during the Little Mermaid was something you or your children enjoyed, then you’ll love it all over again when the giant crocodile comes out during the swordfight between Hook and Peter Pan.

The show comes to an end as the rest of the cast comes out and gives us one final number on the ice to say goodbye.  The overall performance of the night was great and the stories were fun to relive.  Our only complaint was that it didn’t really focus on Mickey and Minnie at all.  Still, we had fun and our daughter enjoyed it.  A nice little firework show goes off at the end, so look forward to that!

Disney On Ice: Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey was a lot of fun and is something we highly recommend you to check out.  Get your tickets if you haven’t already, and take your kids – or yourself – to relive some of the greatest, most magical moments Disney has ever created.


Disney On Ice events are always fun for the whole family.




Even the grandparents!


7 thoughts on “Disney On Ice: Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey – Review

  1. We were able to see the Toy Story show in January and the kids had a great time. I’m looking forward to being able to take them again sometime. (Ticket prices are great, souvenirs are ridiculous)


  2. Thanks for all the info! Is there a pre-show where you can take pictures of the characters, I know the Princess Wishes: Disney on Ice had Cinderella out in the lobby early for pictures. I appreciate any advice.



    1. Hi Jennifer. I’m glad you enjoyed our review! To my knowledge, there is no pre-show for this Disney on Ice show. I was not told about one and I know my family would have been there if there was one since our kids love the characters. Will you be attending the show soon?


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