I love to help other people and organizations whenever I can, but with money being tight, I can’t exactly just give money away all of the time. So, I like to find ways to help others through actions.

I found this website that shares 8 different causes you can support. All you have to do is click the button that says Click Here to Give – It’s Free. This website states that 100% of donations goes to the charity you choose to support. After your daily click, you can also help out by clicking the ads listed because they are paid for each click.

So head on over to theanimalrescuesite.com and click to support cancer, veterans, literacy, and more!


4 thoughts on “Support a good cause with just a click a day!

  1. Thanks for posting about this site. I also give to charity by clicking at Clicktogive.com. They offer six different charities that you can click to support, and it only takes one minute everyday.


  2. I’ve clicked on individual sites before for charity causes, but didn’t know there was a site that stream-lined my daily clicks! Thanks, Michelle!


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