Every year I look forward to parades and festivals. I’m mostly in it for the parades. I’ve loved them ever since I was young and got to be in a parade for the first time. I’ve been in them many times since and still love watching them or being in them. This is the first year in many that I will be watching with my family instead of walking in them and I’m still just as excited!

I can never quite remember when some of these are so I figured I would post them here since I had to look them up anyway! Let me know if you check out one of my favorites this summer/fall!

Wadsworth Blue Tip Parade & Festival
I believe Wadsworth has one of the largest parades around. The parade takes place in Wadsworth, Ohio starting at the High School on Broad Street and ending at the Isham School on College Street. This years parade will be on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 6pm.

Afterwards you can check out the festival as well. The Blue Tip Festival takes place atĀ Memorial Park on Park Drive, Wadsworth, OH 44281. There will be food, games, rides, and more! It will be open Tuesday through Saturday 6pm-11pm. One Wednesday and Saturday you can get in 1pm-5pm as well.

Orrville July 4th Celebration
I grew up next to Orrville and have been going there for many years. This celebration starts off with a parade on Wednesday, June 29th, at 7pm. The carnival also starts up that night and goes through Sunday, July 3rd. To end it all, their annual fireworks takes place on Sunday evening as well. I have heard that this is the (or one of the) largest fireworks displays in the state! There are other activities going on throughout the week, so check out the link above for more of what’s happening!

Rittman Sleepwalker Festival
I have great memories growing up and going to this festival in Rittman, Ohio. I remember walking down there, staying for hours, and walking home at 10, 11, or 12 that night, completely happy and exhausted from a fun night out with family and friends. These days, it’s not that big of an event, but I still really enjoy it and a lot of people show up for it. The festival kicks off with a parade going from up by the High School, down Ohio and ending on Main by the Rite Aid and Stop N Go. This parade is the one that started me love of parades as I have been in it many many times.

Currently, I can only find out this is at the end of July. Once the dates are confirmed, I’ll update this!

Canfield Fair – Mahoning County, Ohio
Dave grew up going to this fair and I had never heard of it before we started dating. I do believe this is the largest Ohio fair after the State fair of course. It’s a full 6 days of food, concerts, rides, shows, etc. This fair goes on from August 31 to September 5th. Be sure to check out their schedule on their website and find a day to enjoy this fair with your family and friends!

Wayne County Fair – Wooster, Ohio
This was the fair I grew up going to and I’ve been there every year possible since I was 9 years old. Fair food, games, rides, animals, shows, concerts… typical fair stuff happening there! September 10-15, 2011 is when you can check out the Wayne County Fair.


4 thoughts on “My favorite upcoming parades, festivals, and fairs in 2011

  1. So glad I glanced at this and saw that the Wayne county fair is going on this week! Might have to stop out one evening since we’ve missed all the others!


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