It’s the little things in life that mean the most to people. I’m sure everyone has had someone do something for them that may be little, but make you feel like you were just handed a a hundred bucks. There are many ‘little things’ I can think back to in my own life and tonight I’m thinking about the little things in my daughter’s life.

Grace is 3. She’s a very happy girl, loves life, love her mommy, daddy, and little brother Darren. She’s always been a great kid. I think the little things in her life help to keep her happy and excited about things each day.

Long story short, Grace used to wake up before we did & way too early in the mornings. We put her back to bed but rather then going back to sleep, she would get back up and start her day without us. A three year old on her own is obviously NOT a good idea.

To help stop the annoying constant walk from our room to her room and putting her back to bed (many times against her will) and to minimize the trouble making early in the morning, we changed the way we did things.

When Grace wakes up, she joins us in bed until it’s time to be up. On her way to our room, she stops by the refrigerator. This is what she’ll find tomorrow morning…

She gets a drink, climbs into bed with us, and goes back to sleep. She is in a good mood because she has had a drink of Gatorade and she gets to sleep between mommy and daddy. I sometimes lose a little sleep when she tries to move into my side of the bed but it’s worth it.

So the little things… having a drink ready for her & allowing her to sleep in our bed in the morning have had a BIG impact on each day in our house.

What are the little things that you use as a parent? We’d love for you to share yours in a comment!


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