I originally started this post with the intentions of adding to it up until 6 weeks later. I apparently got a bit preoccupied with baby and didn’t make it past week two. I still feel it’s share worthy so here it is anyway!

Week 1: Four days were spent in the hospital and I hurt a LOT. The night of the c-section, while waiting on my room to become available, Dave and I were given yogurt, and turkey and cheese sandwiches. I went for my first bite and felt like I was going to throw up. After a few minutes, I burped. That happened over and over that night. The first couple of days, I had terrible gas pains in my shoulder. I never knew that was even possible!

Week 2: At home, I was popping the pain pills as often as possible. If I forgot one, I could tell! It was hard to get comfortable. I thought the bed was going to be impossible to feel good in. With the help of almost every pillow in the house, I was able to sleep a little elevated. That made it a little easier to get in and out of bed. My incision HURT. If I tried to lay on my side, it felt like everything inside was going to simply fall out.

I do know that for weeks I felt like I was never going to feel normal again. Recovery took me quite a bit of time. At night I would Google recovery and pains I was feeling. Let me just say that was never a good idea! I read all about muscles not going back in place, coughs moving things out of place, and way too much for a new mom to be reading about. I didn’t keep that up for too long and eventually I DID recover. I got back to normal and my insides did NOT fall out. Good to know, right? HA

Despite getting through it all fine, I still debate on whether or not I could go through another pregnancy knowing that I may have no choice but to have another c-section rather than another natural birth. I guess I’ll figure that out eventually. Time will help with that.



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