Our Little Looster arrived right on time last week. When I told Grace the box had something for her she got so excited and helped me open it up. I immediately took it into the bathroom to show her what it was to be used for. I explained that it was to help her to use the potty and she was up on it in no time wanting to try it out. It was right on time, since the next day we started potty training. (Again. Hopefully it works this time.)

The Little Looster was created by Monica Mylet, a mom of three who have been through potty training. I think this a great support tool for potty training and beyond. This large ‘stool’ wraps around the toilet and is large enough for little ones to climb up on and not need help sitting down. There is no more worry about falling off a small stool and less ‘need’ to hold on to the toilet seat. I LOVE that there is less of a reason for Grace to be holding on to the seat now since that is something she has been doing a lot lately!

This large stool has been said to be extra helpful for children with autism or other special needs. It’s a must have for ALL homes with children. I love our Little Looster. My one ‘complaint’ would be that it can get in the way at times. It’s not as easy to just move out of the way when it’s not being used. I’ve seen some pictures where it fits nicely under the toilet a bit, but ours seems to be lower to the ground. I am going to keep it where it goes, since any help with the potty training experience is good. If you have a separate bathroom that your child(ren) can use, then you don’t have to worry about ever having to move it.

I highly recommend making the purchase to get your own Little Looster. You can purchase your own for just 34.99 at LittleLooster.com or on Amazon.

This was not a paid post. I received a free product in order to provide a review.


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