We just came across a deal we had to share with you all! In honor of St. Patrick’s day, Entertainment Guides are on sale for just $17. That’s up to $28 LESS than their regular price. If you want, you can get a second one for just $10. Even more savings!! They are also offering FREE shipping on these orders. Can’t get much better than that, right? WRONG!

If that wasn’t enough to entice you into this sale, check this out! Our order went like this:

Dave chose to get the two books. That totaled $27. As he went through the ordering process, an offer came up to save $5. He was able to choose the $5 savings for BOTH books. The catch? Sign up to get the books annually and save $5 on future books as well. We said why not. We’d get future books when they come out in August (I think?) and if we choose not to go through with the yearly commitment and cancel before the 2012 books come out, we get a small $5 charge to our account.

So, with every option we chose, we ended up with TWO 2011 Entertainment Guides for $17. I can’t wait to get these and start saving!

I have heard that it’s only going on for 17 hours but I can not find a start and end time, and it appears it’s already been going on since Tuesday! Maybe they extended it! Get yours NOW to guarantee your discounted rates before the sale ends or they sell out! At the time of this post, Augusta, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina books are sold out. Be sure to not only check out your local books, but plan ahead for savings in the cities you may be vacationing in!


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