Have you heard of Swagbucks? When I started hearing about it, I didn’t rush right over to their site to join. I figured it was just another survey/point earning website to join and since I’m already a member of so many others I didn’t want to add another to the list that I’d eventually forget about. Back in October I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. Since then, I’ve earned about 4 FREE Amazon.com gift cards worth $5 each. Between my husband and I, we have enough bucks to get probably 4 or 5 more now. Instead we’re just letting them stack up while we consider the other rewards they have available.

I have been part of this search and win community since October, but I don’t know much about even half of the information and ways to earn SwagBucks. I have been doing the bare minimum to get what I have so far. I love that I get a daily buck for opening my toolbar, going to their trusted surveys pages, and for participating in the daily pool. There have been many many days where those are the only 3 points I have earned in a day.

You can also earn points by searching through their website or the toolbar. I have not found any secret to the search and win – you just type things in and hope to see the box pop up on the top of the page saying you have earned said amount of SwagBucks! There are also videos to watch for 2 bucks, SwagTV earns 3 bucks after 10 videos. Then there are also their special offers. I’ve participated in a few to get a larger amount of bucks (up to 100 I believe).

Your success on SwagBucks is all about the time and effort you put in to it.

If you haven’t already signed up, please go to the address below and get busy earning your gift cards! (By clicking this link, you will be added to my referral list. I can earn up to 1,000 SwagBucks from you. Those only apply when you win through a search.)



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