I’ve been seeing a few things in my news feeds lately about people referring people to certain companies to receive a free pair of jeans. The first one I saw required close to 100 referrals. Well, I just found out tonight about this new referral offer to get a free pair of jeans from Petrol and it’s a lot easier.

To get your free pair of jeans, this is what you do:

-Go like Petrol on Facebook.

-Ask 20 of your friends, family, etc. to go enter your name. **Names must be left in the comments of the “Win a Pair” contest tab to count.

Please go like Petrol Jeans and leave a comment with my name: Michelle Rouzzo so I can get my free jeans too! If you need some referrals, leave a comment below with what name you would like entered.

Entries accepted through January 31, 2011. This is open to those 18+ who are legal residents of the 50 United States, District of Columbia and Canada. One referral per person. Official rules can be found HERE.


9 thoughts on “Get your FREE pair of PETROL JEANS

  1. Dorothy Harris Terrell sent me
    Go to Petrol Jeans
    click on win a pair tab (not the wall) THEN click LIKE
    on that same page scroll down until you see “comment” click on that
    enter my full name as you see above (You can only do it one time if you have already done it for someone else then dont do it) I will get a referral for you from my college kids friend lists they have a lot of friends I need 10 more Thank you


    1. Thank you, Valerie. However you are only permitted to refer one person. I know there has been some confusion on Petrol’s Facebook page about that. Number 6 in the rules is where I found out for sure.


  2. im new to fb and i dont have 20 friends to refer me. can you go to petrol jeans and under the ”win a pair” tab leave my name in the comment section please. I try to do these freebies and contests but never am lucky enough or fast enough to win anything. Would really appreciate all the help i can get.. thank you


    1. Brenda – – keep us updated on if you need more referrals. If so, hopefully some of our visitors will help you out.

      Good luck! I hope you’re able to get these. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog and our Facebook page as we have giveaways and post any freebies that we find.


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