Birthday parties have been on my mind lately. My niece turned 4 in December and my nephew turned 6 in January so I’ve been to their birthday parties. Plus, with our daughter turning three in three months, I have also been thinking about what to do for her.

For Grace’s first birthday, we had a Princess themed party at our church. Her second birthday party was all about Dora and that was at our house. This year we know we want to have a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme since she’s really into them nowadays. But, we don’t know where to have the party.

Our place is not big enough to have huge parties and with 14 people being in our family alone, there is not much space leftover for friends and their children. We’ve considered doing what my nephews usually do and go to a place in the area like Amazone or Chuck E. Cheese – you know, those places full of games and an indoor playground. The kids run around playing – sometimes with each other sometimes on their own – and then have pizza or cake and ice cream or something along those lines! Personally, I don’t think Grace is at the age yet to have her party there. It’s nice to take her there for other parties or special days. But I don’t think she would interact enough with the other kids to make it worth having the party at one of those places.

With just over 2 months to go, I’m really wanting to get things figured out so that Grace’s party isn’t a last minute plan. I’ll be researching different birthday ideas for three olds and where to have them.

Do you an idea to share? Have you planned a great party for a child? Are you also looking for birthday ideas? Let us know in the comments and we’ll keep everyone updated on what we find and choose to do for our daughter.


6 thoughts on “Birthdays: How do you celebrate for your children?

  1. There is a place near us that you can have a real princess tea party. The girls take their dolls and dress up in crowns and feather boas. It is really cute and sweet. You could see if there is something like that near you. We have also went with the Cici’s pizza route and that was fun for the kids too.


  2. Idk where u live but we have a place in medina called amazone that is an indoor playground for kids. My 2 yr old loves it & would love a party there or somewhere like it. His bday is during the summer so I’m considering the local splash pad this yr 🙂


  3. We have a big family but still make time for birthdays. Always a cake and sometimes food and have them at my parents home or backyards in the Summer months.


  4. I know this isn’t age appropriate, but we are having my daughters 5th birthday party at the skate center in North Canton. In the past we have lucked out with good weather and usually have their parties here at our house outside. Good luck!


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