Dear Santa,
You should think through things before you speak. To ask a lady how old her baby is, is okay. To comment on her weight, is NOT okay. When she says her baby is 2 weeks old, do NOT say that she looks like she’s pregnant. No matter what way you say it, it’s just not nice.

When Darren was just about two weeks old, my parents invited us to join them at the mall. After enjoying some amazing Asian rice, we went on to visit Santa. We had to wait in a pretty long line, though it did move along quickly. Right before it was our turn, we decided to get a family picture with Santa, rather than just Grace and Darren. It was a cute picture.

Santa asked how old the baby was. We told him 2 weeks. As we were arranging ourselves for the picture, Santa said something else. Something like this came out of his mouth: “Oh, it looks like there’s another one you’re expecting that will be in this picture.” Santa was lucky that I wasn’t feeling bad about the way my belly was looking at that point. I was totally shocked when I heard the words come out of his mouth. I chose to simply act as though I didn’t hear what he said and went on to sit next to him and smile for the picture. Of course afterwards, I asked my husband and my parents if they heard what he said.

A piece of advice that not only Santa should follow: Do NOT comment on someone being pregnant unless you are absolutely, positively, 150% SURE the lady is pregnant. Some women just have a little extra belly either all the time or for a little while after having a baby.

I wasn’t ashamed or totally embarassed about my weight at the time and I’m still not feeling horrible about it now. I’m due for my 6 week check up tomorrow afternoon and I still look the same as I did just a couple weeks after Darren was born. I have lost all but about 10-15 pounds of the weight I put on with him, but the C-Section has left me with a belly that wasn’t there at this stage after Grace was born.

My family went to Florida over the summer to visit my in laws. I was almost 4 months pregnant at the time.


Michelle on big chair at Ripley's Believe it or not - Orlando, FL

I was just starting to ‘show’ though people who didn’t know me would not have known I was pregnant. Well, I still look like that. I look like I’m 4 months and my baby is almost 7 weeks old. Like I said, I’m still not really obsessing or getting all self-concious over it. I know it’s normal to have baby weight to deal with after having a baby. I had just hoped it would all disappear again as quickly as it did before. Since I had a c-section, I guess it’s going to be different and take longer for me this time around.

Tomorrow I go see the midwife for my 6 week checkup. If everythings fine, I’m definitely going to be starting up on some slim fast. I drank that in college and I lost a little weight then and I enjoy the shakes so I figured why not try it again. I know, I know.. I need to exercise too. I’ve never been big on exercising so I need some help.

Do you have a good way to exercise that will help me get back to my pre-pregnancy look a bit more? Something simple maybe? Something I can do in the privacy of my home? Let me know if you have any tips!


3 thoughts on “Dear Santa: I am NOT pregnant!

  1. That was one dumb Santa! Obviously not the REAL Santa! People can be pretty dumb. I had that happen to me SEVERAL times while in the hospital after my first was born. Here my baby was in baby icu and I’m getting tormenting by people in the hospital asking when I was due! People can be pretty dumb. I agree with you, if you are not 150% sure, even if they look 9 months pregnant, don’t say anything. If you want to find out then ask, “So, is there anything new in your life?” and they will tell you if they are pregnant! You’ll lose the weight, you did with your first, it just may take a little more time. Don’t stress over it all!


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