Growing up, my family was never the type to do Christmas photo cards. I’ve seen others get them year after year and they’re cute, but never really anything I thought I’d be getting in to! I recently heard about a promotion Shutterfly was offering to bloggers and here I am trying to figure out which card design would look good with the pictures we would like to use for our Christmas cards. The offer is for 50 free Christmas cards just for blogging about their products. How could I turn that down?

I’ve spent most of my time checking out the Christmas card selections since that is what I’m going to be ordering for my family. My, oh my, they have way too many amazing card layouts and designs to choose from! I definitely did not get more than half way through the options before asking my husband to help me narrow it down from about 10 that I couldn’t decide between.

Now I think we have it figured out and we are most likely going to be ordering this card…

Shutterfly's Snow Flurries Cocoa Christmas CardSnow Flurries Cocoa Christmas Card

Now normally, I would have been dead set on choosing a card that specifically says Merry CHRISTMAS and not simply Happy Holidays since I do believe in Jesus being the reason to celebrate the holiday. The reason I let this one get into the mix is because of the family changes that have been going on at our house.

Our son was born on December 2. Now it’s December 15, only 10 days before Christmas and I have yet to post this blog, finalize what pictures we will be using on what card template, and how quickly we will receive and be able to send out these cards. With all of that, I thought we may be better off having a Happy Holiday’s card since both Christmas and New Years is going on at this time of the year and it won’t be as bad if they arrive after Christmas.

I can not wait to get these cards and see what everyone thinks of them. Like I said, I never thought I’d be part of a family doing Christmas cards (or birth announcements, etc). I think this is the perfect time to give it a try and show off the Rouzzo’s – now a family of FOUR!

Once things wind down from the holidays and changes at our house, I will be looking into some of Shutterfly’s other products. I’ve always wanted to try them out and now I’m a little more motivated.

Some of the items that I have found interesting are:


My husband actually made a magnet with a wedding picture and it’s been on our refrigerator for years now. I love seeing it every time I’m in the kitchen.

Wall Decal
Ever since we moved our daughter into her own room to get ready for our son to be in our room, I’ve been trying to find wall decor to help add on to her princess theme. I’ve never seen or thought about what Shutterfly does. They are able to take an image out of one of your photos and turn it into a reusable wall decal. It sounds great knowing a personal photo can be used AND there would be no worries about it being stuck there for good since it can be removed and reapplied when necessary.

The more time I spend browsing around on Shutterfly, the more I want to buy! Here are some quick links to help you out when browsing through Shutterfly’s products.

Check these out: Christmas photo cardsholiday cards and baby birth announcements.

Hurry on over to Shutterfly and get busy with your holiday order. There’s still time to receive your items by Christmas Eve. They even offer to mail the cards to your friends/family for an extra $1 per card.

If you do, or have ever ordered anything from Shutterfly, comment here and let us know what you thought about your order!


2 thoughts on “Shutterfly – Holiday Cards and more!

  1. Shutterfly is great! They make preparing projects fun and easy and the quality is awesome! I receive free stuff every now and then through David’s Bridal, so I ordered an 8×8 photo book for myself and Scott and its awesome. And recently I got 10 free Save the Date cards from them. I made them and they came in the mail yesterday! They look great. I’d recommend them to everyone. You won’t be disappointed 🙂


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