The Author
“Best-selling author Amy Clipston has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her fiction writing “career” began in elementary school when she and a close friend wrote and shared silly stories. She is a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College and a member of the Authors Guild, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Romance Writers of America. Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband, Joe; two sons, Zac and Matt; mother, Lola; and four spoiled rotten cats, Molly, Rico, Jet, and Lilly.”

The Book

A Plain and Simple Christmas is a great story about a former Amish woman wishing for a miracle during the holidays. She was shunned when she left her Amish community to marry an English man and the loss of her family has weighed on her heart for too many years. Now as she’s about to have her first child, she’s hoping to reconnect and be accepted once again by her family so that her child will grow up knowing them.

This is a great story about bringing families together at Christmas and it teaches a lot of the Amish lifestyle. I really enjoy reading Amish stories and was excited when I heard of Amy Clipston’s books. She integrates some Amish words into the book and has even included the translations in the front of the book so that we can be sure to understand everything being said.

To learn more about Amy Clipston and her books, you can visit her website at

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We are excited to have been given two copies of Amy Clipston’s A Plain and Simple Christmas to give away to two lucky people. It’s a perfect time to try and win one of these for a Christmas gift or just for yourself to enjoy during the holiday season.

Get in as many entries as you can now through 11:59 p.m. Thursday, December 9. At the end, we will choose one lucky winner through


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25 thoughts on “A Plain & Simple Christmas – Book Review & Giveaway

    Entry #1


    1. Thanks for entering, Karen! Be sure to post your separate comments about being a fan of us and Amy Clipston on facebook. Those are the required entries so be sure to leave those soon. Don’t forget to check out all the ways to get bonus entries too!


  2. I “liked” Amy Clipston and the Boy Meets Girl Blog on Facebook. I’ll be honest ~ I don’t think I’ve ever read any books by Amy Clipston but I LOVE read books about the Amish. So, I’ll be making a trip to the bookstore/library to get her books.
    Entry #1


  3. hi

    i ‘liked’ you on facebook, ditto amy clipston. i am now following you on twitter and i retweeted your post about the giveaway. however, there is no place to leave a comment on … so scratched that one from my list. i would love to read this book, so i can’t write a blog on it … have yet to read it and it’s hardly fair to comment on something you haven’t read yet. i will however, give this blog giveaway a mention on my blog … now … what other tasks did you set before us???? 🙂


  4. Right. I’ve now tweeted and retweeted this link to Amy Clipston’s A PLAIN AND SIMPLE CHRISTMAS. Does this count as a new comment on one of your blogs. Don’t you just LOVE having to carry out all this tasks … think i’ll blog about how long it takes to do these tasks!!!


    1. Comments on another blog post would be one of the other posts on our blog. Be sure you add in all of your comments to get your full number of entries. Remember when an action is worth 2 entries, you must leave 2 comments HERE to get both entries.

      As for the leaving a comment about another book, the comment should be left here after visiting I apologize if I didn’t make that clear originally.

      Good luck and thanks for entering our giveaway! 🙂


  5. I visited Amy Clipston’s website and am interested in the entire Kauffman Amish Bakery Series. I love reading about the Amish!


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