If you have ever been pregnant, I’m sure you have either experienced some swelling or know that it’s a possibility. I remember my hands, feet, and ankles swelled up a bit during my pregnancy with my daughter but there were no problems with it. However, with this pregnancy with my son, it’s a different story.

He’s been harder on me from the very beginning and I pretty much knew he was a boy long before it was possible to know because of the differences in the pregnancies. Anyway… at 5am on the day I reach 38 weeks, Grace woke up at for some strange reason. When I heard Dave talking to her I woke up, and my right arm was tingling. After getting Grace back to bed, I realized how sore my ring finger was on my left hand.

An hour and a half later, 911 had been called and 3 paramedics were here to cut off my wedding band. Dave and I searched the internet and tried every trick out there that so many people claimed had worked for them. No luck. My finger was throbbing, turning purple, and had pain shooting through it. So I had to resort to getting it cut off which I absolutely hated having to do.

If you’re pregnant now or in the future, or if you know someone who is, keep this in mind: just because your fingers are only swelling at night, you might want to go ahead and take off your rings if you’re not able to take them off very easily. I knew my ring was on pretty tight but thought it was fine because my hands went back to normal everyday.

If you’re like me and don’t feel right without your wedding ring(s), trying wearing them on a necklace. Just make sure you do that BEFORE your only option comes down to getting it cut off.


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